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Gov. Wolf doesn’t agree with “3-strike” overdose policy

Tom WOlf speaks about overdose and narcan

Governor Tom Wolf’s administration stated they do not agree with Middletown, Ohio’s policy about refusing to revive continuous overdose-patients. Instead, Wolf would like to try to help them seek rehab with the help of doctors.

Pennsylvania’s Physician General was appalled when she heard about the “3-strike” policy. As a reference, she stated if someone has multiple heart attacks, doctors don’t question whether or not they should let the patient pass away.

About a month ago, a small town in Ohio proposed a plan to let “nature take its course” by letting continuous “overdosers” pass away to save on the cost of Narcan. Our largest article ever went viral with over 500,000 shares and likes/comments combined, which brought Middletown, Ohio the spotlight it desired.

Butler County is also seeing the effect the cost of Narcan has on a town, and local EMS agencies are having a hard time keeping a viable supply of Naloxone on every ambulance and police cruiser, and being able to afford it due to rising costs during this epidemic.

A new state policy allows anyone to obtain Narcan if they desire to. Emergency agencies and hospitals are required to pay the extended full price of the drug.

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