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Hurricane Irma remnants expected soon in Pennsylvania; then Jose later

Note: The featured image is from 2012 and is just used for archive purposes.

Pennsylvania has just finished receiving the remnants of Hurricane Harvey, which devastated the Houston, Texas region. Now Pennsylvania will see remnants from Hurricane Irma, which is now a tropical cyclone depression, along with the possibility of seeing remnants from Hurricane Jose.


Hurricane Harvey made landfall between Corpus Christi, Texas and Houston, Texas on August 25th. It took over 1 week gor the remnants to affect the Pennsylvania region. Not only do you experience the direct-affects, but hurricane remnants produce moisture within the atmosphere, which allows time for more storms to develop after the initial passing like what happened.

Pennsylvania received around 1″ of rain from Harvey remnants, and some localized areas received upto 3″ of unexpected rainfall due to Harvey. This also introduced a cold front which has been covering the region.


Hurricane Irma mad landfall on the southwest-coast of Florida this past weekend. The storms produced by Irma included tornadoes, and severe flooding hundreds of miles away from the eyewall.

Even though the eyewall is expected to turn more inland, the “trough”, which is a major jetstream, will push Irma remnants directly into the northeast region of the USA.

This graphic is from the 9/11 11:00pm NHC update:



Now, Hurricane Jose was at the topic of several “fake news” websites. This was mainly due to the issue of inexperienced “forecasters” mistakenly took models as predictions, without clarifying the difference. The National Hurricane Center is a US NOAA government agency which specializes in hurricanes.

Jose did turn out into the ocean again, but will begin to hook around and hit the eastcoast rather quickly.

This graphic is from the latest update:

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