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A new traffic vest was created to save fire/EMS/police and tow operators lives

Traffic Vest Night Light Safety

Night Light Safety in Ohio has created a revolutionary new device which adds luminescent LED light strips onto pre-existing traffic vests. Emergency responders are constantly at vehicle accidents during the nighttime hours, and with the age of digital media, distracted drivers are driving recklessly through emergency scenes. With these new vests, the responders can be seen through smoke, fog, rain, snow, and in the darkest of areas.

The vests have strips along the back and front shoulders of the wearer. In addition, a panel is located on the back which can also be a steady-glow or a multi-flash pattern to help identify the person, and give a greater visibility ratio from the drivers. Emergency scenes are hectic, and everyone should be wearing a traffic vest.

Butler Dispatch has received several vests to give to local fire departments to demo and review. The vests are made of a good material, and the light strips are held together firmly with the fabric. They hold a continuous charge and no dropping in brightness. In addition, the vests add much visibility than the older, traditional traffic vests.

Night Light Safety can be found on Facebook, along with on their website. There are multiple colors that can placed onto a vest, including blue, red, green, and orange.

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