Guy rolls car near Burger King; returns for his pack of smokes


BUTLER TOWNSHIP, Pa. – Police from Butler Township and State Police were called to a scary situation on Route 8 South.

911 callers, who happen to be visiting for the Jeep Invasion, stated they looked over from the Super 8 Motel to see a vehicle barrel-rolling towards the Burger King.

The driver, a young male, fled from the scene heading northbound. While the caller was talking to 911, the suspect returned to his car to retrieve a pack of cigarettes.

Moments later when our crew arrived on-scene, Butler Township apprehended the suspect who was fleeing.

There is damage to the Burger King, including Styrofoam from the front wall being hit. Also, a cement-mounted garbage can acted as a barrier, saving the building from being hit fully.

The suspect was transported to Butler Memorial Hospital, it is unknown if he was injured.



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