Man has 2 DUI crashes in the same night


CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. – A local-area elder is facing DUI charges after he reportedly crashed his car twice in the same night while drunk.

Michael Blechman, 77 of Cranberry Township, reportedly crashed in the area of Powell Road and Rochester Road in mid-May. Just after leaving that crash, Blechman then struck another vehicle at Powell Road and Village Drive.

Police officers responded to the first crash to learn Blechman sped away from the scene when the victim started to approach his vehicle to ask for insurance information.

Cranberry EMS treated Blechman at the second scene before police could arrive.

Blechman is facing charges of:

  • DUI – 1st Offense
  • DUI – Above 0.16 BAC
  • Accident involving damage
  • Careless Driving
  • Unsafe Speed
  • Failure to keep right

Blechman only has 1 reported traffic violation in 2012 for failure to use a turn signal.


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