Butler County enters its peak tornado month

Evans City, PA Tornado - 1985
Evans City, PA Tornado - 1985

Every tornado which occurs within the United States is tracked, logged, and recorded for statistic information. Well, August appears to the “month of tornadoes” for Butler County.

As hurricane season picks up in the Gulf of Mexico along with the southern Atlantic regions, Butler County enters the peak time for EF1+ tornadoes. Even though the colder temps start to settle in, the atmosphere is still unsettled which causes spin ups, and even microbursts locally.

Tornado Month by County
Tornado Month by County

Since June of 1954 to August of 2016, Butler County has been home to 20 tornadoes. 9 people have been killed, and over 120 people have been injured in Butler County due to a tornado. One tornado, May of 1985, even reach a length of 39 miles.

Just last year a tornado ripped through Forward Township and Renfrew, PA around the Brownsdale Road area. The date was August 25th, 2016. 2 years ago on August 10th, 2015 – a tornado went through just below West Sunbury. And an EF1 tornado tore through the Center Avenue area in Butler City, causing horrendous damage to homes. The date was August 30th, 1970.

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