Butler City Flooding

It’s a sad day for residents in Butler City who were affected by the flood last month which left mud and debris all over the west part of the city. But today when residents woke up, they were made aware that PEMA, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, would not assist them. FEMA, the federal version of PEMA, also stated the same thing.

The mayor of Butler City has spoken with several relief agencies, and all have stated that Butler City and its residents do not meet the criteria needed for help. Many community members thought they were going to receive money, but they were wrong.

Due to the fact a “Flash Flood Warning” was an issue, several insurance companies have stated they would not be accepting any damage claims due to the fact it was a flash flood and not a regular flood warning. Flash flooding happens imminently, whereas flooding takes hours or days.

Citizens who were approved through the United Way of Butler County will receive funding.


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