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Cranberry home designer under federal investigation

CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. – If you live in the Rochester Village or Eden Square Apartments divisions – you will definitely want to read this story!

Robert Morgan is the owner of 2 companies, Morgan Communities and Morgan Management. As of lately, a federal search warrant was issued to search 4 email accounts owned by Robert Morgan. The search warrant was issued because the companies allegedly lied about the properties income.  In addition to that, they also allegedly staged fake apartments to look as if they were occupied, when they wasn’t.

This was done by turning on devices and making it seem like someone was living there. They also went to the extreme by placing used shoes outside of doors.

Also, the Morgan’s office was raided recently.

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Gibsonia man gets probation for threatening to shoot wife in head

BUTLER, Pa. – A Gibsonia man received 5-years of county probation after he threatened to shoot his wife in her face. Robert Schmitt will also have to pay court fees, fines, and complete counseling required by Judge Doerr.

Schmitt pleaded guilty to several charges including simple assault and terroristic threats. His wife, Lori Schmitt, also recalled the horrifying moments.

Lori stated she arrived at her house in Adams Township in late November of 2016. She took their dog outside when Robert began to turn the electric panel off in the house, and close all the doors and windows. As she went back inside, she noticed a wet spot on the carpet.

While cleaning up the dog’s urine, she looked up and saw Robert shoving a loaded handgun into her face, threatening to shoot her. Robert said “I’m sorry but i have to do this.” She left the property without incident.


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Butler man “accidentally” shoplifts at Cycle Warehouse

BUTLER CITY, Pa. – A 27-year-old man with an extensive history of retail theft claims he forgot that he had a $40 sweatshirt on at a local store.

Only to make matters worst, he told city police that he was on the phone with his public defender for another case, and forgot the sweatshirt was on. This wasn’t the first time for his 5-finger discount… Clayton Fredley has 5 prior convictions for retail theft. This time, it got him a felony of retail theft.

An employee at Cycle Warehouse explain what happened. The employee witnessed Fredley walk in, put a sweatshirt on, and casually walked out like nothing happened. Fredley has been arraigned on $3,000 bail.

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Summit Township man leads police in farm tractor chase

State Police Kittanning

SUMMIT TOWNSHIP, Pa. – Jonathan Shuler was using his farm tractor more than planting crops or cutting the grass. He was fleeing from police in a high-speed pursuit, of the tractor’s 6th gear.

Police say he pleaded guilty to agricultural destruction, a felony, along with eluding police. Shuler was also involved in several other cases.

Judge Doerr ordered the inmate to 22 to 50 months in a state prison. Plus over $7,000 in restitution.

Other charges include theft and burglary.

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Naked man ran down Main Street into Butler

BUTLER TOWNSHIP, Pa. – A 40-year-old Butler Township man is facing serious charges after police allege Rastis O. Marcy ran down North Main Street towards Butler City, stark naked. A sergeant was on his normal routine patrol when several passerbyers flagged down the cruiser. The people said a man had no pants on, nor other items of clothing.

When the cruiser came around, his shorts were put back on. Women and young children saw the package of Marcy. Marcy allegedly argued with a person, removed his shorts, and took off running down a crowded sidewalk.

Marcy is in the Butler County Prison due to a probation detainer, and bail of only $1,000.


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The true reason why police in PA can’t use radar in 2018

Do you think police should have radar and laser? 

PENNSYLVANIA – For years on end, there were rumors as to why local and township police are not allowed to use radar or laser devices to monitor speeds. Local police like Cranberry Township or Evans City has a device that looks like a radar gun, but it’s actually a license plate reader.

After speaking with several agencies, combined with trusted online sources like – the real reason as to why locals cannot use the radar or laser devices is due to money. But wait, it’s not money as in too expensive, it’s that it’ll generate too much.

Now, this is where the technical part will come into play. Many people believe tickets are based up on a quota system monthly. Technically they’re not wrong. Many departments have a “officer integrity” level monthly. If an officer isn’t writing citations, then it could mean that officer is slacking.

But lawmakers are worried that if these devices are issued and used by police departments statewide, they may find them as a way to slack on investigations. The “money generator” route is plausible. If officers are too busy writing citations, what happens if a break-in alarm is tripped and every local officer is busy just starting to write their citations?

This has been the case over 30-years, and local lawmakers want to keep the ban in effect. Currently, there are only 2 ways local and township departments in Pennsylvania can have probably cause for speeding.

First, they can follow your vehicle for 1/4 mile. If they follow your vehicle for a 1/4 mile or longer, they can match your speed and get that.

Second, the white lines on the road. This allows an officer to quickly calculate your distance over time, equals speed. There are special console-mounted devices that allows an officer to hit one button as your front tires enter the white line, and a 2nd button as your tires exit the 2nd white line.

The issue is when motorists quick “lock up” their brakes, this causes a traffic hazard, and doesn’t allow the officer to get a real calculation of your speed.

Do you think police should have radar and laser? 

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“Sorry I tased you” Police officer gives cake to firefighter

An Ohio police officer felt terrible after she accidentally shocked a firefighter. She felt she would make the situation better if she was to bring the firefighter a cake. Instead of a “sorry”, it came out “Sorry I tased you”.

The incident happened when the officer and firefighter was trying to subdue a combative patient. Her stun gun slipped from the patient and shocked the firefighter. A little sting, but the firefighter was fine.

The police officer works for the Hamilton Township Police Department, which is northeast of Cincinnati, OH.


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SHARE NOW: Another stolen vehicle from Butler County

CONNOQUENESSING TOWNSHIP, Pa. – Another stolen vehicle was reported, this time, by Pennsylvania State Police in Butler.

Vehicle Info

  • Maroon 4-door Honda Accord
  • PA License Plate: KSG-5921
  • Stolen from 395 Eagle Mill Road on May 10th

Suspect Info

  • Ronald Paul Roberts
  • 109 College Street in Butler, PA
  • Refusing to give the vehicle back
  • Vehicle is registered on NCIC

If seen, please dial 911 immediately!



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Butler City Police: “They Treated Me Like A Piece Of Shit”

BUTLER CITY, Pa. – A masked knife-wielding superhero had the Butler City Police called on him after he was on a porch of an Elm Street home this morning.

The Butler City Police threw the superhero into handcuffs while they investigated the incident. Police say the man, an adult from Penn Township, was wearing a Captain America mask and was throwing a large knife into a porch floor.

The man told reported that the Butler City Police abused his rights, and “treated me like a piece of shit”.

The city police claim they were following protocols.

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STOLEN VEHICLE ALERT – Butler City Notification

BUTLER, Pa. – A white Kia Sorento was stolen out of Butler City on May 15th, 2018 according to official 911 calls.

Officials reports indicated this:

  • 2011 White Kia Sorento
  • Recently repaired cracked windshield
  • Metal Steeler emblem near license plate
  • JYC-3557 License Plate

Please share this post to bring awareness.

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