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Butler school bus drivers complain about student’s behavior


The Butler Area School District held their monthly meeting Monday night. School bus drivers attended the meeting to voice their concerns over the recent allegations of a fellow bus drivers “brake checking” to get students to comply.

Michael Bester attended the meeting. A former public safety official and current driver and mechanic at Valley Lines concluded that student’s are causing more of a safety issue when they won’t behave. Bester and several others spoke at the board meeting, knowing their positions could be terminated at anytime.

A school bus driver “brake checked” the students on-board after they disobeyed his verbal commands to stop screaming and fighting. THe driver slammed on the brakes, causing students to be thrown out of their seats.

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Summit Elementary students “okay” to return to school


After several months of critical water testing and renovations, the water tests conducted have come back negative for high-lead and high-copper, according to reports. Earlier, Summit Elementary students were transferred to the Broad Street Elementary School in Butler City, which was initially closed by BASD school board members.

Now students at Summit Elementary may return back to their home school as early as the day after Christmas break. The school board meeting is tonight, Monday, and the vote will be proposed to reopen the school for use.

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Class action lawsuit update against BASD and high-lead


A class action lawsuit was filed in federal courts against the Butler Area School District in regards to Summit Elementary having high-lead and high-copper within the water. Parents were seeking restitution for the exposure their children had.

In June, the lawsuit was dismissed. The school district spent over $50,000 out of the general fund to cover legal fees against the parents seeking restitution. The federal court also ruled the schools insurance company must pay for the legal fees.

So far, Liberty Mutual has spent $40,000 to cover the costs of legal fees occurring since the news went viral.

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Submarine lost at sea with 44 crew members

ARA San Juan Missing

A military submarine is lost in the southern Atlantic Ocean with 44 crew members on-board. Now, searchers are fearing the worst as the search reaches “critical phase”. If alive still, the crew members are exhausting their final pieces of oxygen currently.

The Argentinian submarine, ARA San Juan, has 90-days of available food and supplies for all 44 crew members. But, since the San Juan is a diesel-class submarine, there is only 7-days worth of oxygen on-board. It has been 5-days since the submarine last made radio contact.

Several countries are providing relief in the search efforts. The United States Navy have provided unmanned submersibles and more to aid in the search. It is believed the submarine is on the ocean floor as aerial-imaging have been conducted by professionals.

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Butler City police woes, cruiser totaled, engine blown, and one dismantled

Four-vehicle crash in Cranberry Township

The Butler City Police Department are currently facing a series of vehicle issues after 3 department cruisers are out of service, two for good.

According to an official report, one police cruiser was t-boned on Wednesday morning. The vehicle is beyond repair, and was deemed “totaled”. A second cruiser was marked “out-of-service”, which is now being stripped for reusable parts and police equipment. The third cruiser is “out-of-service” due to a blown engine block. The repair will cost taxpayers over $1,500 to repair.

The chief of police was revoked of his “detective style car”, and will be required to use his personal vehicle as the secondary vehicles will not be used for primary patrols.

The city council will spend over $105,000 of taxpayer-dollars for 3 brand-new police cruisers. It is unknown which brand/model of the vehicle will be used for the 2018 budget planning.

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Doerr case has “Jane Doe” wanting to be private matters

Butler County Courthouse Butler, PA

Former President Judge Thomas Doerr has been accused of sexual misconduct with a female probation officer in Butler County. However, the complainant wants to be kept private still. The female probation officer told courts that if her name was revealed, it could lead to devastating consequences for her and her family.

U.S. District Judge Cathy Bissoon is questioning why she is hiding her real name. Bissoon stated that she may dismiss the case since she will not use her real name. A file of the order has been issued to “Jane Doe” to request a hearing as to why she should not use her real legal name on the case.

“Doe” and her attorney reiterated the fact that she is not looking for public attention, nor media coverage. Both “Doe” and her attorney has declined several news media inquiries. The attorney has pointed out that several Facebook commentators have made “misogynistic and threatening comments”.

One comment called her “slutty” and that she should “be fixed so she can’t breed any young Demon Spawn on this Earth.” The attorney has indicated that this case could lead to devastating consequences if her name is released because she lives and works within the community of Butler.

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County provides update to new $14-million 911 radio system

Butler County 911

The Butler County Emergency Services has provided the Butler County Commissioners with a status update to the new ICORRS radio network, a $14-million-dollar P25 Phase 2 digital 911 radio system that will provide first responders with a larger, more reliable, and interconnected system to the entire county, and surrounding counties.


Towers will be erected and decommissioned as part of the new radio system. So far, the West Sunbury Fire Department will provide a rental-space for one of the new towers. The Butler County government will pay monthly to rent this land. A tower will be erected right off of Kohlmeyer Road in Marion Township. One tower is scheduled to be erected in Brady Township as well.

READ MORE: What is the ICORRS radio network?

Consoles and FCC

Part of the upgrade includes new dispatch consoles. A dispatch console is a piece of equipment that is set on the desk which is hardwired into the nearest radio tower. The current consoles will soon be unsupported by Motorola, and new consoles have to be purchased.

The FCC was rumored to be removing the usage of the T-band for public safety offices, and selling them back to television networks and for private use. The county will be switching to the ICORRS network which is an 800-MHz digital radio system.

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Probation given in Ibis Tek federal lawsuit

Ibis Tek Lawsuit

Two former Ibis Tek owners defrauded the United States Department of Defense millions of dollars for bulletproof-glass windows for the U.S. Army Humvees. Now, the CFO will only receive probation for the federal crimes.

RELATED: Ibis Tek former owners could receive up to 20-years prison term

A 52-year-old Chief Financial Officer, Harry Kramer, will receive only 3-years of federal probations, 6 months of “house arrest” called home detention, 150 community-service hours, and a $15,000 fine for filing false tax returns under the business name, Ibis Tek.

John Buckner and Thomas Buckner were sentenced to federal prison time for defrauding the United States government late last week.

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Butler man suing Butler City, Butler County, and police officers


James Cogley, of Butler, is suing numerous county government agencies along with several decorated police officers after an incident where he claims excessive force was used, along with invasion of privacy. A formal lawsuit was filed on October 10th, and he is seeking restitution.

Cogley has named Butler City, Butler County, and 3 police officers in his lawsuit. Ronald Brown is the Chief of Police for Butler City, he has been named as a defendant according to official court documents. Douglas Mazzanti, a patrol officer and a police officers for the Adams Township Police Department has been named as a second defendant. And Ronald Fundark, a former sergeant who was fired from his position but was able to collect a full pension has been named a third defendant.

Due to policies and procedures, the City of Butler will have to pay the initial $10,000 of court costs for this hearing. Insurance may cover the rest of the costs, otherwise the City of Butler will have to make payments.

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Construction slated to start for new Cranberry Twp fire station

Butler Dispatch Developing Story

Cranberry Township started off with 1 fire station many years ago. Next, another one was added due to size of the department, and size of the membership. Now, the Cranberry Township Fire Department is seeking bids to build a third fire station. Much like Adams Area Fire District, Cranberry is considering a live-in/bunk-in program.

This program would provide housing up to 12 firefighters. This gives the community to have 12 firefighters at the station full-time, without costing the tax payers. In addition, this still makes the fire department 100% volunteer.

The bids for the new station will begin in early 2018, with construction slated for Spring of 2018. The new station will feature living quarters, a larger administrative office, a lunch room and a fitness room as well. There is no estimated cost for this station.

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