Unfortunately, fake news strikes Butler County again. This time, it damaged the reputation of a local business owner.

One post on Facebook by a gossip “news page caused a local business to come under fire, for something that was blown out of proportion.

Cindy’s Place is a small reasturant/diner on Main Street in Chicora, PA. A small town, where mostly everyone knows everyone. And where Cindy had earned a 4.7/5-star rating online, quickly became a 1.4/5-star rating all because of a fake news post.

Reports online started off that the owner belittled a teenager employee, and that was she was paid in change. Fellow co-workers proceeded to tell our editor that Cindy is one of the most caring people that they know, and the teenager claiming this, was lying.

“The teenager was not the most warming character.” Said one fellow co-worker. Another also said that the teen was a disgruntled employee in the end, before her final paycheck.

Paying in change is perfectly legal in all 50-states, since it is currency. But when interviewing long-time customers and fellow employees, they said to not believe a word you see online, it’s fake news.



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