Harmony Tractor-Trailer Sidewalks
Photo Credit: visitbutlercounty.com

HARMONY, Pa (Butler Dispatch) – The small town of Harmony in the southwest corner of Butler County is having a big issue with big trucks… full-size tractor-trailers. The small town and its residents are complaining about damaged roads, sidewalks, and even property.

Tractor-trailers can barely make a “swing” onto Mercer Street, but when another vehicle is approaching the tractor-trailer, there is simply no room to move. One driver in a pickup-truck forced the tractor-trailer to “curb it” and run up onto the sidewalks of the town. This caused a large amount of damage to the small town.

Some ideas were mentioned by council members. A proposed idea included that the company, US Liners, should pay for the damage since their trucks and drivers are at fault (sometimes). Another proposed idea included widening Mercer Street. Citizens are requested to dial 911 immediately if their property is damaged by a tractor-trailer.

Council members also included that “truck drivers” go down streets that are way too narrow, they disobey signs, and blatantly follow GPS directions.

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