3 Reasons You Might Need a Disability-Friendly Vehicle

Friendly Vehicle

One of the most frustrating aspects of having a disability is the restrictions on getting around easily and enjoying as much freedom as possible. While there are many occasions where this isn’t an issue, it is particularly irritating for wheelchair users who want access to a car that can accommodate their chair but are limited by the lack of choice and availability. Here are three reasons you might want to consider renting or buying a disability-friendly vehicle for yourself.

1. You Have a Disability

The first and most obvious reason for thinking about the use of a disability-friendly vehicle is if you have a disability. Getting around is much more convenient without having to think about the possible challenges of using a car that isn’t suited to your needs. Fortunately, vehicle controls can be adapted to make it safer and easier for disabled drivers to use this form of transport and maintain their independence. Of course, this will vary depending on your personal level of mobility, strength, balance and dexterity, since each person’s disability is different and their car’s controls will need to be adapted to suit their own preferred driving methods. You may have a disability that means you are not able to drive but having an adapted vehicle can still be useful. For example, if you use a wheelchair and are able to safely board and alight from your car, you can have someone close to you drive you where you need to go.

2. You Have a Friend or Family Member Who Uses a Wheelchair

If you don’t have a disability yourself, you may still see the advantages of having access to a disability-friendly vehicle. You may live with a person who has a disability and could use your help when driving. A disabled parent, for example, might need to fit their wheelchair in your car so that you can all travel together, so looking at places such as alliedmobility.com can show you some inspiration about what kind of adapted vehicles are available to you.

3. You Run a Transport Business

Perhaps you don’t have a disability and you don’t take care of someone who does. Maybe you run a business that provides reliable transport to others, such as taxis or chauffeuring. When you add an adapted vehicle to your fleet, you expand your possible clientele by including people with disabilities.Being able to cater to a wider range of customers not only attracts more business to your transport company but also demonstrates an inclusive and respectable set of values. People with disabilities often feel pushed to the side by supposedly inclusive companies since they are often physically excluded from engaging with them, but by investing in a disability-friendly vehicle, you elevate the overall reach and quality of your business.

Of course, there are plenty of different reasons you might find yourself in need of a disability-friendly vehicle that haven’t been mentioned above. This quick list should provide a brief overview of the most common uses of adapted vehicles.