Do You Need a Larger Monitor?

Larger Monitor

Ultra-widescreen monitors are becoming increasingly popular, as the technology improves and the picture quality gets better. These screens are typically very thin, and often curved, meaning that they can give you a surround style view, without taking up too much extra space on your desk. There’s no denying that they look great in a modern office space, but do you really need one? Here are some of the reasons why you might want to consider a large, ultrawide monitor.

You Work from Home

If you work from home full-time, the tools that you need in your home office are more important than if you just work from home occasionally. A larger monitor from Lenovo can be an ideal upgrade whether you are already working from home, are increasing the time that you work remotely, or you want to start your own home business.

You Want to Improve Productivity and Minimize Screen Management

If you work from home, productivity is bound to be one of your main concerns. It’s hard to be productive if you are wasting time switching between screens, openingand closing windows, and searching for the right tabs.

A larger screen means that you can keep things open, reducing time spent on screen management, and making multi-tasking much easier. This can increase your productivity, and also the quality of your work.

You Struggle with Tired Eyes

If you spend a lot of time looking at a screen you might find that your eyes get tired easily. Taking regular breaks and getting your vision checked regularly will help to combat eyestrain, but a bigger screen can help too.

Ultra-widescreens in high resolutions offer a much clearer image, which can be easier to look at. It also gives you the chance to make things like text and video larger, which will reduce the pressure on your eyes.

You Use Multiple Monitors

If you use multiple monitors, you might get similar results as you would working on an ultra-wide screen. But you’ll be paying to run two monitors, you’ll have multiple wires, and your work processes might be complicated. A larger monitor has all of the benefits of multiple screens, without any of the drawbacks.

You Work in a Job Which Requires High Detail

Some fields of work, like medicine or astronomy, require very high levels of detail. A larger screen can give you a much higher resolution, increasing the quality of images massively.

You Play Video Games

Ultra-widescreens offer gamers a completely different experience. When you play on a curved ultra-wide screen you can immerse yourself in the game, instead of watching from the outside. If you are a keen gamer or make money gaming, then this can be a great upgrade.

You’re Ready to Upgrade

If you are ready for a new monitor, looking at larger options can be a great idea. It will help you to stay up to date with trends and technology, and keep your home office working well.

An ultra-widescreen monitor can be an excellent addition to your home office, adding new depth and detail, helping you to work, but also to enjoy your hobbies and favorite entertainment streams.