Gift Ideas for Boys

Gift Ideas for Boys

Is your son or grandson having a birthday soon? Perhaps you are going to visit him and want to take a gift, even though it’s not his birthday. Here are some ideas for boys that he might enjoy.

Sports Equipment

Kicking a ball or shooting baskets is just as fun now as when you were a kid. Or maybe you want to get his first baseball glove and bat. It is a great way for the two of you to spend time together, throwing a ball back and forth. Younger boys can play T-ball and hit it every time.


New jeans or a swimming suit can be a fun gift. Even if you don’t have exact sizes, you can purchase a hat, a boys leather belt or some patterned socks. Accessories like a watch can also be a great surprise. If needed, a new coat may also be welcomed.


Helping your son to learn problem-solving through puzzles is a great option. Younger children need large pieces that are easy for their hands, and more difficult puzzles are rc boats great for older boys. Set up a card table and work with him to put together a puzzle that will take a few days. It is a great way to talk.

Building Blocks

Do you remember building towers with colorful wooden blocks? Those are still available to purchase, and there are numerous other building systems that boys love.

Sand Toys

If your grandson lives near the beach or has a sandbox, then some trucks and shovels are an ideal gift. Buckets or cups to haul water for sandcastles are a must. Maybe a small beach chair just for him will be something he’ll enjoy.


Did you ever get the chance to have bedtime stories from your parents or grandparents? The tradition can continue, and you might even be able to find some of the books you loved as a child.

Art Supplies

Notebooks, markers, sidewalk chalk and colored pencils can be perfect for a rainy day. Get some kid-safe scissors. construction paper and glue for making cards.


Sometimes a healthy snack can be a great treat when you visit your grandchildren. Cheese and crackers sliced fruit or veggies can take care of the munchies.

Gift Cards

If you live far away and don’t want to spend a lot on shipping, then a gift card can be a great idea for any special occasion. The card can be for a nearby movie theater or restaurant, or an activity such as bowling or swimming.

Good luck choosing the ideal gift for that special boy in your life.