How SAP Hybris helps to increase retail sales and business growth?

increase retail

With the change in online marketing trends and customer management approaches, businesses these days have made the switch to a more automated workforce to boost their sales. The sole aim of companies is to enhance their customer engagement rates and increase conversions. To develop a more personalized experience in the online marketplace, businesses have begun to harness the power of SAP Hybris.

To stand out in the crowd, one needs to adapt to changes and incorporate smarter and technologically advanced solutions and sales techniques. Ecommerce platforms have gained more prominence in recent years due to their convenience, greater marketing options, enhanced user engagement, and more.

As per the statistical reports made by Orbelo, it is estimated that about 1.8 billion customers around the world go for online shopping. Also, almost about half of the consumers prefer to shop from their mobile devices than to visit a physical store. So naturally, businesses need to focus on building mobile-first platforms. SAP Hybris can help you with that and has the potential to increase these figures to a great extent.

What is SAP Hybris?

SAP Hybris offers an ‘all-in-one’ solution to manage one’s online marketplace. With a family of products like Marketing, eCommerce, Product Content Management, and Sales Service software, SAP Hybris helps to improve customer satisfaction. It is a brand acquired by SAP Commerce Cloud, or more commonly SAP, and aims to reduce one’s time and efforts in online promotion.

Further, SAP Hybris enables users to improve their IT infrastructure and boost the efficiency of their eCommerce platform. With this omnichannel eCommerce solution, consumers can merchandise in both the B2C and B2B markets. One can also personalize a customer’s experience as SAP Hybris allows differentiation and customizations to meet their requirements and goals.

How Can SAP Hybris Help Improve Retail Sales?

In recent years, businesses have started to invest in SAP Hybris to enhance the customer-usability scores of their online store. Here’s how this new solution can boost one’s sales and business growth.

1. Customization


As already mentioned before, SAP Hybris allows businesses the flexibility and adaptability to make subtle customizations in their eCommerce platform based on their needs. Users can meet their specific business requirements with ease and tailor the platform as per their business model.

Companies should try experimenting by altering their content and site layout to render a personalized customer experience. Also, as per Econsultancy, this method would increase one’s revenue by 17%.

The best part is companies can even internationalize their online store to serve customers overseas while maintaining customer engagement scores. Moreover, the solution supports major international languages, sites, and even currencies.

As per yet another Orbelo stats, due to the recent coronavirus crisis, about 42% of the US citizens purchased groceries online as of March 2020 reports, which is about double the 22% in the year 2018. Companies have started to implement WHO standards of sanitization and other safety measures to enhance customer satisfaction.

This also means that one would require to customize their eCommerce store to cater to this situation and promote a safe environment. This SAP Commerce Cloud solution can get easily adapted to any buying demands even in times of crisis.

2. Ease of Development

SAP Hybris is built on an SOA architecture that helps businesses to extend their existing services. Using this solution, one can improve the features of this application with minimal efforts. What’s more, this 2GB file is easy to install and takes around 30 seconds to startup. This saves time and effort to and increases productivity.

3. Integration

The most crucial part of any marketing solution and eCommerce platform is its integration. SAP Hybris offers a wide range of options for the integration of third-party applications into the system to facilitate a seamless data exchange between the Hybris Data Hub system and web services.

The Data Hub solution from SAP Commerce Cloud ensures an uninterrupted flow of data, such as through import and export operations, and aims to provide a more service-oriented solution. One can transfer data smoothly between the SAP Hybris platform and any other external data storage solutions, including CRM, ERP, PLM, and more.

4. Scalability and Security

SAP Hybris is designed to offer the highest flexibility, scalability, and security to its users. It supports both B2B and B2C workloads and allows ease of customer management and the flow of retail sales even in bulk. Users can also freely customize their authentication and other security protocols as per their business needs. Additionally, the access-control framework of SAP Hybris renders a powerful security solution to businesses and customers alike.

5. Staff Productivity

Creating a productive working environment for the employees and sales reps is another essential step towards achieving business growth. SAP Hybris allows multiple logins from various devices, which further boosts team collaboration and a flexible working atmosphere. Each of your employees can now work according to their convenience and preference and whatever is the device they are using, it works efficiently. This further enables your staff to generate more leads and handle your customers better.

Moreover, implementing more mobile apps and solutions into the workplace has helped teams to communicate better and work flexibly. This is why a BYOD workplace has shown to improve productivity. According to a survey done by Tenable, 72% of the companies have already implemented a BYOD-friendly work policy.


In a nutshell, SAP Hybris has started to take center stage as far as customer engagement is concerned. The solution is known for its reliability, powerful security protocols, scalability, and customization. Additionally, it has gained popularity due to its high-performance efficiency, operational ease, and of course, cost-effectiveness. Companies can personalize the experience of their consumers and build trust and loyalty among them.

There are loads of benefits that this SAP Commerce Cloud product can bring to your business, the most important being customer satisfaction, sales growth, and an increase in revenue. Moreover, employees will thank their manager for incorporating such a convenient and flexible solution into their workflows. They can work from any operating system, platform, and device of their choice, and still boost retail sales largely.