How to Identify a Princess Cut Diamond: Tips for Spotting the Differences

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To escape from the overused round diamond shape, most informed buyers tend to go for a princess cut loose diamond for a satisfactory Rare Carat shopping experience. This particular diamond shape, for decades now, held the position of “2nd most popular diamond shape of all time”. Its unique characteristics and appearance are ideal for buyers looking to buy diamonds that will help them to stand out effortlessly. Investing in this particular shape comes with many great advantages including a bigger-looking gem at a cheaper price compared to the traditional rounds.

Rare Carat offers both certified and ethically-sourced natural and lab-grown princess cut loose diamonds. The site offers acclaimed unbiased input from GIA-certified gemologists for buyers to ensure they are well-informed to make the right purchasing decision.

Having proper knowledge of this diamond shape indeed encourages an effective and profitable shopping experience. Thus, a bit on how to identify a princess cut diamond and how to differentiate it from similar diamond shapes are discussed next. So, do read on to know more!

Identifying a princess cut loose diamond

Here are some key features of this particular diamond shape that will help you to identify it effectively when browsing Rare Carat:

  • Officially, the shape is categorized as “square modified brilliant” which is a traditional square shape in layman’s term
  • The shape resembles the shape of 2 pyramids placed upside-down
  • It will have between 50 to 58 facets (not clearly visible to the naked eye) mostly on the crown and pavilion
  • It features 2-4 chevron patterns which allow for bolder flashes of colored and white light than other similar shapes
  • Typically, due to its cutting process, there will be less wastage or more yield from the rough diamond in the case of a princess shape compared to rounds
  • The shape costs less per carat than rounds due to its cutting process as well
  • According to most experts, this shape is an ideal choice for engagement rings and earrings

Please Note: These above-mentioned identification characteristics and other properties will be the same for both natural and lab-grown diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds have similar properties physically, chemically, and optically to natural diamonds in the same specs.

Differentiating a princess cut loose diamond from other similar shapes

Rare Carat is considered the best online ring marketplace in America as they are known for its high-quality products, advantageous before and after-sales services, a wide range of products, and more. So, when browsing the site, you will find that it offers all the popular diamond shapes including princess and the other 2 similar shapes – Cushion Cut Diamond and Radiant Cut Diamond.

The cushion shape has a similar “more square than round” appearance to the princess shape. However, this one does not feature straight sides and 90-degree corners like a princess shape. Instead, it has rounded sides and corners. In a light-performance viewer, this brilliant shape will display the arrows and hearts pattern, not the chevron patterns of the princess cut.

Both radiant and princess shapes have straight sides. However, the corners of a radiant cut diamond will look similar to an emerald cut diamond’s corners. So, the corners of this shape are bevelled or octagon instead of square which is common in princess cut. Radiant cut has a distinct “crushed ice” appearance and has many facets with slivers of brilliance. However, compared to a princess cut, this shape will have a bit of a colorless appearance (both in the same color grade).

Why choose to buy diamonds?

Due to its characteristics and cutting process, the princess shape is a good investment as they are cheaper than rounds (around 30%). Additionally, due to the shape’s features, they appear bigger than rounds as well. So, if you consider Rare Carat lab-grown princess cut diamonds for your next purchase, you will be benefitted in multiple ways, and that too at a lower price. Compared to natural diamonds, similar lab-grown diamonds will cost at least 1/3 to ¼ less. Other beneficial offerings of Rare Carat are as follows:

  • Direct contact with more than 150 certified wholesalers
  • Easy price comparison for an informed decision
  • Unbiased expert advice by GIA gemologist and AI price and quality check and ratings
  • Guarantee authenticity and laser inscription verification
  • Free insured shipping
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty on rings and a 90-Day free resizing
  • Free 30-Day returns
  • All Rare Carat diamonds are GIA/IGI/GCAL certified
  • A 4.9/5 rating in both Trustpilot and Google Business Profile

To Conclude

Learning about the different properties and characteristics of a princess cut diamond will help you to make informed and successful diamond-buying decisions. So, now that you know how to identify this particular popular diamond shape and how to differentiate it from other similar shapes, consider investing your time to learn more to make a satisfactory purchase from Rare Carat. So, contact Rare Carat or click on this link now for more –