Make your classroom interesting with these tricks


One of the key elements of teaching is to keep your classroom and students engaged and interested in your lecture. Just delivering the lecture and writing down the important points on the board is now unacceptable especially on the college level. In the times when the attention span of the students has minimized, a teacher cannot look tedious in the classroom. Therefore, keeping your classroom interesting in whatever your activities are is imperative.

Being a teacher, you are bounded by certain limitations and regulations which make your task to keep the classroom environment interesting tougher. That is why from the decades, teachers have been trying different methods and strategies to keep their classroom interesting. Some succeed and some failed, but all left some great things for us to discuss.

In order to make you people familiar with those things too, I am writing this article in which I am going to share some of the best ways to make your classroom interesting.

Material Repetition:

As soon as there is no consensus in the classroom to repeat any past topic, stop repeating things again and again. Sometimes teachers do repeat their material just to make sure each and every student can build up the required understanding around it. The motive behind is right and sincere, but the way students are now starting to perceive it is making the material repetition more harmful than beneficial. It makes the major chunk of students uninterested in your lecture who have already understood it. The moment they lose their concentration and focus, you will have to build the environment again in the classroom just to get back their attention and make them participate in the ongoing lecture or discussion.

Indulge Gaming Learning:

Games have always been the cause of interest. No matter how messy and distracted your classroom is, the moment you say the words “let’s play a game” even the college students are mavens of essay writing would start giving you the required attention. Teachers have been using this trick on the students to make their boring lectures into the interesting ones. Try to find some learning and educational games on the internet or create any of your own with the purpose of keeping the students interested in learning.

Use Technology:

Tech gadgets like smartphones and tablets can be the biggest reasons of distraction for students. But by utilizing these products right, this can be turned into the reason of interest too. Nowadays, schools and colleges are going with the trend of making their classroom tech oriented. All you have to do is to add some tech gadgets in your classroom and the students will never look out of the window.

Tech gadgets like Smartboards which are now becoming much more common in the classrooms. Instead of the projectors and computers, teachers are now more interested in conducting the lectures with all the interactivity of the Smartboards. Allow your students to interact with the technology and freely use the internet for the educational purposes. This will not only build their interest in whatever they are learning and will also keep them indulged in the topic covering the classroom.