Not Guilty in Oklahoma: a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney’s

Criminal Defense Attorney's

To defend your rights if you have been accused of federal crimes, you need a skilled federal criminal defense lawyer. It is crucial to have a lawyer who is familiar with the federal system and can guide you through it because the consequences for federal crimes are substantially harsher than those for state offenses.

As a federal criminal defense lawyer in Oklahoma, I have defended many clients accused of federal offenses. I am familiar with the workings of the federal system and can assist you in obtaining the best result for your case.

Anyone charged with a crime has the right to a fair trial, as demonstrated by the recent acquittal of an Oklahoma man who was up against federal charges. This case also emphasizes how crucial it is to have a skilled criminal defense lawyer on your side if you are being investigated for a crime at any level, whether it be state or federal.

The defendant, in this case, was charged with drug trafficking and money laundering. If found guilty on all counts, he might have spent the rest of his life in prison. After less than two hours of deliberation, a jury ultimately decided that he was not guilty.

How to get a legal experienced attorney

This case is just one example of how a skilled criminal defense attorney can make all the difference in the outcome of your case

It’s critical to get legal counsel as quickly as you can if you’ve been accused of a crime. This is especially true for federal offenses, which can involve intricate legal issues and incur severe punishments. You can safeguard your rights and navigate the criminal court system with the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

An arraignment, where the charges against you are read aloud in court, is the initial stage in any criminal proceeding. You will now be given the option to enter a guilty or not guilty plea. Upon your admission of guilt, the case will proceed to sentence. It will go to trial if you enter a not-guilty plea.

Working with an expert attorney who can assist you in understanding your options and making the best choices for your case is essential if you are facing federal charges. To find out more about how a skilled criminal defense attorney may assist you in fighting your charges, get in touch with them right away.

Federal offenses come in many various forms, from less serious offenses like drug trafficking and terrorism to more serious ones like white-collar crimes like fraud and embezzlement. No matter what kind of charge you are up against, I will do everything in my power to defend your rights and make sure your case has the best chance of success.

The federal criminal justice system is complicated, and a conviction may have serious repercussions. For a consultation, if you are facing federal accusations, contact me right now. To help you make the

greatest choice for yourself and your family, I will analyze your case and assist you with understanding your alternatives.