Reward Good Work

payroll management system

Your employees give your organization their very best. They put in long hours and utilize their knowledge, skills and abilities to help the company’s bottom line and make you look good. A payroll management system can help you make sure they get compensated for their work. In addition to a paycheck, keep in mind some of the other ways you can recognize your staff’s efforts.

Table of Contents

1. Praise

Never underestimate the power of telling someone that they are doing a great job. A few simple words can reinforce positive performance and really make someone’s day. Take a minute to talk to the person directly or write a quick note or email. It will go a long way. For even more of an impact, make sure others hear that praise too! Consider incorporating time for this into regular staff meetings.

2. Time

Give your employees the gift of time away from the office. A few extra hours of vacation to allow them to enjoy a favorite hobby, volunteer activity or just relaxing with friends and family is a wonderful way to show them you value their work. Plus, employees that are rested and refreshed are ready to perform at their best.

3. Treats

It may sound silly, but everyone likes a special goody. If your team has had a particularly strong performance period, bring in donuts for breakfast one morning to celebrate or order in pizza for the group to enjoy at lunch. It does not have to be anything extravagant or expensive. A little goes a long way and says a lot.

It never hurts to give thanks where it is due, and a tiny bit of effort on your part will reap its own rewards in organizational productivity and loyalty from your staff. Make it a part of your routine and be the best boss you can be.