Seven Traits of Successful Truck Drivers

Truck Drivers

There are various reasons why anyone will want to become a truck driver–nostalgic or whimsical, financial or personal. Regardless of the reason, it’s essential to understand the necessary or preferable traits you should have for a successful trucking business.

Life on the open road can be challenging yet thrilling and extraordinary. Some people are up to the task more than others because of their innate characteristics and character. However, the truth is, not all people can be truckers, but certain personality traits give others an edge in industry success.

Personal Traits of a Successful Truck Driver

Below are traits every reputable truck driver should have:

1. Ability to Resist Temptation

A truck driver faces a lot of temptations on the road, and the majority are not suitable for you. Alcohol, drugs, and unhealthy foods are a few temptations you can battle daily. Successful truck drivers can say no to these temptations by having alternatives to help them curb the temptation.

2. Self-reliant

As a truck driver, chances are high that you’ll be alone most of the time. However, a truck driver with a thriving truck business should not only be okay with being alone most of the time but also able to make sound judgments and solve problems they are likely to encounter on the roads.

3. Not Ultra-Competitive

According to the U.S Department of Transportation’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System(FARS), 15% of 4,014 truck crashes were drivers who succumbed to fatal injuries in 2020.

Speed kills. As a truck driver, it’s not advisable to race to reach your destination first as you’re adding to your stress level, reducing your cognitive ability to make sound judgments on the road. Instead, the best truck drivers understand that a slow and steady pace wins the race.

4. Not Quick to Anger

The roads are filled with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and personalities. Therefore, a good truck driver should understand when to let go of a minor mistake that occurs on the road without holding a grudge or having your mood spoilt.

5. Adaptable

There are times when the job becomes unpredictable. The ability to smoothly transition from roadblocks, on and off the road, will make your job more fun and enjoyable.

6. Responsible

Naturally, some people carry a greater sense of responsibility than others, and those are the people who should be driving. For example, as a trucker, you are often responsible for hauling expensive or heavy goods, sometimes both at great distances.

When driving, you are responsible for the goods, the truck, yourself, and other road users, as any misjudgment can cost you your life or the life of others. Being responsible as a truck driver means taking safety very seriously.

7. Good Work Ethic

To become a successful truck driver, you should have the will to do above the bare minimum, striving to go above and beyond your job description. In addition, having problem-solving skills, excellent communication patterns with your fellow truckers and higher management, and excellent time management, will set you up for greater and greater success.


Like any other job, truck driving has its fair share of challenges, including working with companies that offer low pay combined with difficult working conditions. To successfully become significant in the industry, understand your desire to work in the transport industry. Most of these traits are inborn–out of the love of trucking, driving, or offering your services as a driver.

One side effect of becoming a truck driver is being susceptible to health issues associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, be active and healthy to reduce the risk of issues such as musculoskeletal injuries. Happy transit.