Skinny Leg Jeans A Thing of the Past?


Greetings dear reader. The pendulum of fashion has lingered in the skinny-legged jean zone for a long while now, but fortunately it’s swinging back the other way. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not telling you to “time out” your slim slacks this very second. However, we, like you, are excited about the inclusive wide-leg trend. It’s more comfortable, feels a bit classier, and done right it can look amazing.

One of the great things about this look is that it can work on almost any frame: from petite like MK (above) to tall like Cameron (also above) to curvy like Mandy Moore or slim like Kate Moss. When you’re picking a pair (or hemming) remember that length is key. The sides and back of the hem should ideally be flush with the floor, with a bit of one’s toe peeking through in front. After all, you don’t want to look like you’re not wearing shoes, right?

It’s best for everyone to stay away from wholly exaggerated styles, as with most things. While we love this style of trouser/jean in the original, Hepburnish, high-waisted look (like the classic Levi version above, $93,, if you’re short-waisted you’ll look better if you choose a pant with a lower rise, like Free People’s So-Soft Wide Leg Jean, $220, Pair the latter with a shearling sweater and some Oliver Peoples sunglasses for a fabulous late summer look.

When it comes to shoes, we suggest either breaking out your new spring wedges or you can wear your platforms or round-toe boots from fall. These styles are substantial enough for the wide leg and will give you some added height, so your pants can be even longer than usual (therefore making your legs look super lengthy too). Generally speaking, we don’t suggest a shoe with a pointed toe unless you’re wearing a dress slack.