What Are the Best Performing Stocks Right Now? 3 Stocks To Consider Investing In

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The stock market has been turbulent the past few years. However, in recent months, many stocks have begun to rise again, drawing the attention of many investors and stock enthusiasts alike.

There have been numerous large stock purchase deals, such as this deal in which a company sold hundreds of millions of dollars in common non voting stock. The stock market is truly having a turn around — at least it seems. We’ll cover three stocks that have been at the forefront of this new trend in the market.

This article will go over a lot of different types of company stocks that have all been performing well in the past few months, including new, smaller companies and large giants.

1. Toast (TOST)

Toast is a cloud-based restaurant management company based in Boston. While their IPO got off to a rocky start, the company has been making some good strides in the market in the past few months. And many analysts expect it to continue to do so.

Right now, the stock price is sitting at $22.47, down from a $27 52-week high. But, more importantly, the all-time high of the company reached $59 back in November of 2021, leaving a lot of room (in theory) for the stock to grow.

The services Toast offer are also very new and could completely revolutionize the restaurant industry. If you’re interested in learning more about their technology, then follow this link to the official Toast website.

2. Nvidia (NVDA)

Nvidia has been one of the largest growing stocks over the past few months, as its price has more than quadrupled since the stock’s 52 week low of $108.13. This is largely due to the recent developments in artificial intelligence, much of which has been done through Nvidia’s top-of-the-line graphics chips built for artificial intelligence applications.

The latest stock price of Nvidia was $446.12 at closing on Monday July 24th. It’s 52-week high, and all time high, was hit just the week prior at $480.88. It’s hard to say for certain if this stock will continue to climb, but many experts have been claiming the stock has a lot of room to grow still.

3. AMC

The popular movie theater chain had a huge recent surge in their stock price. The stock skyrocketed from $4.38 to $7.81 after hours on Friday, July 21st. That is a gain of $3.81 or approximately 78.31% in just a day.

The stock has since calmed down, but is still up a good 34% from where it has been sitting these past few weeks. Once again, it is difficult to know for sure if AMC will have another surge, or if the price will fall back to around $4. Some experts are saying the stock is a good buy, and others are saying the contrary.

If you are on the fence, then you may want to check out this article from Forbes on why the stock rose, so that you may have a better idea on where the price may move in the future.

Thanks for checking out this article, and we wish you luck in your investment endeavors!