Why people prefer Canon cameras for vlogging


The camera to learn on

If you are a beginner in the world of Vlogging then Canon M50 is what you are looking for. It is an excellent option for the early Vloggers. As most of beginners do not want to spend a handsome amount on their gadgets until they become the perfect Vloggers, therefore this M50 can be your real help. You can get one for yourself from bestcameraworld.com at a reasonable price of less than $800, it is a competitive gadget for the early Vloggers. You might not be able to enjoy all kinds of functions but still, this camera is giving a tough competition to similar products like Sony A6500.

A Sturdy Companion

A sturdy and well-built footprint surrounds the lens mount. Although it is small in size, yet it is very strong to support your extended photography sessions. It also includes a small EOS lens mount that can capture the pictures at the back. It works with the help of an adapter. It has an unbeatable quality as compared to other beginner level gadgets. It is through this camera that the Canon has introduced and strengthened the concept of Family Cameras. The Vlogger finds it easy to keep changing the angles while capturing due to the flip out screen option. It is lightweight, includes a flexible screen and comes with the perfect viewfinder to shoot excellent videos. It falls under the category of mirror less cameras. When the user switches to the video mode, the optical viewfinder becomes inoperative.


It is fitted with an APS-C type of sensor. M50 has a 1.6x crop. The major working of the APS-C matches the standards of the Super35 sensors. These specifications make it stand closer to the cinema cameras. If anyone wants to shoot something closer to the real screen time then M50 is the right choice. There is also an option for the high-quality pictures and HD video recording if you switch to the full sensor option. If you think of better and improved cropping you can also try the 4K mode. This feature is much similar to the one in Canon 5D Mark IV. The major reason behind introducing this feature is that the camera lacks the ability to process the pictures. The only limitation many users associate with this camera is that it allows 2.56x crop that is not similar to the full frame camera thing.

Built-in Slow Motion Function

Canon M50 stands out for its functions. It is very different from many other beginner cameras because it has the option of slow motion. While capturing the user can comfortably adjust the speed to 100fps and 120 fps in PAL and NTSC. Once you have captured the visual delight you can bring it to the speed of 25 fps, thus creating a slow-motion effect. While your masterpieces are in the post-production phase they can be slowed down to 2x.

The best part with Canon Vlogging cameras is that they eliminate the curve of learning this camera for beginners. Canon M50 is a treat for those who want to go much ahead in the world of Vlogging. With all its astounding features, it makes it easy to learn and show off your skills.