Cushion-Cut Diamonds and Magnificent Celebrity Engagement Rings

Cushion-Cut Diamonds

Cushion-cut diamonds are in no way, shape or form a passing fancy. They’ve been a big thing among royalty for a long time now. They’ve even been a big thing within the celebrity realm. Cushion-cut diamonds have been associated with classic movies such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s from the early 1960s, after all. What are cushion-cut diamonds, anyway? They’re gems that have square shapes, first of all. They have cut corners, too. If you’re a fan of round edges and elegance in general, you may gravitate to these kinds of diamonds.

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Celebrity Engagement Rings and Fantastic Cushion-Cut Diamonds

Celebrities are some of the most admired individuals on this planet. They have many choices in practically everything, too. That’s precisely the thing that confirms the unrivalled power of cushion-cut diamonds. So many celebrities choose them for their engagement rings. Kim Kardashian, first and foremost, is one of the most beloved reality television stars in the world. She is the owner of a cushion-cut engagement ring as well. Her husband proposed to her using this specific kind of diamond.

Sofia Vergara is another example of a proud and dedicated cushion-cut diamond engagement ring owner. This South American marvel, like the aforementioned Kardashian, was proposed to with this type of diamond. People who are enthusiastic about unadulterated glamour and sophistication frequently turn to Vergara for style inspiration.

Bar Refaeli is a renowned supermodel who hails all the way from Israel. She’s been a favorite face in the modelling realm for years now, too. Like both Vergara and Kardashian, she possesses a breathtaking cushion-cut engagement ring. Her husband surprised her with it during their big proposal.

Gabrielle Union is a prominent actress who has been a major presence in the entertainment realm for quite a while at this point. Dwayne Wade dazzled this lady with an impressive 8.5 carat cushion-cut diamond. It had a platinum band. It also had a 4-prong setting. Dwayne teamed up with a talented jeweler in order to design the ideal ring for his beloved fiancee. Jason Arasheben is the individual behind the ring. Many famous faces turn to the jewelry powerhouse for all their engagement ring requests and wishes.

Leighton Meester has been a power player in television for what feels like ages now. She’s yet another dedicated cushion-cut diamond engagement ring owner.

Meghan Markle, finally, is one of the most well-known individuals everywhere. Although she initially made waves as an actress on the North American television show “Suits,” she currently is known largely for her marriage to Prince Harry of the United Kingdom. Since she’s happy to wear a cushion-cut ring, that serves as further proof that these diamonds are 100 per cent fit for royalty.

The Marvels of Cushion-Cut Diamonds

It’s no surprise that many celebrities choose cushion-cut diamonds for their engagement rings. These kinds of diamonds offer significant brilliance levels. If you appreciate significant brilliance, they should be on your radar. These diamonds highlight contemporary finesse and timeless sophistication at the same time. They’re equipped with distinctive and unforgettable shapes that offer users engagement rings that are a bit more “individualized.” They are also particularly resilient and hard-wearing