Notable Asscher-Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings

Asscher cut diamond is the favorite of many, including celebrities and royal families, due to its elegant and sophisticated look. This stone in your engagement can create a distinct recognition with spectacular brilliance. You can buy from Rare Carat and wear a royal Asscher cut diamond. You can choose from different ring styles and settings. Take the help of experts to make your purchase hassle-free and smooth. Rare Carat has dominated the diamond industry for its high-quality diamonds, friendly customer team, and competitive prices. You can visit the website and learn more about Asscher Cut and other diamonds. Search for best deals and find a suitable clarity and color within your budget.

When it comes to the Asscher cut, it secures its place on your engagement rings for its exceptional sparkle and classic appearance. It is a square or step-cut diamond with rectangular facets and a small table. The shape and cut make it attention-grabbing. It has a square shape similar to the princess and a radiant cut. However, it features heavily cropped corners to create an octagonal shape. The deep pavilion and high crown make it different from other step-cut diamonds. When the original Asscher cut had 58 facets, the Royal cut offers more brilliance and sparkle with 74.

What Makes Asscher Cut Perfect for Engagement Rings

The brilliance, vintage appeal, and luxurious feel make it perfect for engagement rings. Also, it signifies resurrection and rebirth and develops a lifetime relationship and bond between partners. This gemstone has its link with Holland and British royal families. It has a connection with Japanese emperors as well. You can add a classic touch to your engagement ring with this diamond. It will create trust and romance for a lifetime. Asscher cut is ideal when you want a glamorous look. Many celebrities have this diamond on their fingers. A few names are Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, and Zooey Deschanel.

How to Choose Asscher Cut Diamonds

As stated earlier, Asscher cut diamond is the most popular for its brilliance and luxurious look. Both these qualities make it perfect for an engagement ring. You can visit Rare Carat to find the best Asscher cut deals. The website will assist you, and you can find a suitable ring for your engagement. You can ask experts and choose the best cut, clarity, and color grade within your budget. Gemologists will help you choose the right style for your ring. You can have antique engagement rings and impress the surroundings with elegant appeal and timeless beauty. However, here are a few ring styles for Asscher cut diamonds.

Vintage Engagement Ring

The vintage engagement ring features good symmetry, excellent polish, and brilliant sparkle. The vintage appeal will make it sophisticated and royal. You can choose any clarity and setting for an inspiring look. You can have white gold, rose gold, or platinum setting. However, you will spend more on better color and clarity grades. Know your budget and plan accordingly.

Channel Set Engagement Ring

In the channel set ring, the accent stones will look appealing. You can have platinum, white gold, or yellow gold setting. Consider better cut clarity for adding a luxurious feel to your engagement ring.

Pave Engagement Ring

In the pave ring, the stone will take center stage on the ring. You can have a double band design to make your ring trendy. You can have a white gold or platinum setting for this ring style.

Solitaire Engagement Ring

The solitaire rings are a preferred choice for many. You can also consider this style and choose an intricate design with white gold, rose gold, and platinum setting. The ring will look classic but stylish. It will have elements of traditional and contemporary looks.

Side Stones Engagement Ring

The side stone engagement ring is also worth considering. You can have a better color and clarity grade to make your ring elegant and royal. Choose a platinum or rose gold setting.

Halo Engagement Ring

A classic halo style can be perfect for your engagement ring. Your ring will look eye-catching with a white gold setting and VVS2 clarity.

Asscher cut is synonymous with opulent subtlety, royalty, and exceptional brilliance. These unique qualities make it sought after in royal settings. However, you can have this diamond on your engagement ring. Visit Rare Carat for a custom-made Asscher cut engagement ring. Work with experts and feel proud of your investment