Decoding the 4Cs for 1-Carat Diamonds


Have you decided to finally buy the engagement ring and start a new chapter of your life? If it’s a “yes”, you already know a Rare Carat 1 carat diamond (natural/lab grown) engagement ring is an excellent, exquisite, and economical choice.What you need to worry about right now is researching the 4 Cs diamond buying guide.

Lab grown or natural, whatever your choice of a certified diamond is, you have to rely on the universally-accepted 4Cs of Diamond Quality recognized by GIA. Having a deep understanding of this diamond quality assessing method will help you to land the best selection.

Wondering what the 4Cs stand for? It’s Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat, and they have been decoded next for your better understanding and a subsequent satisfactory shopping experience. So, do keep on reading!

Decoding “Cut” diamond grading quality

Take time to learn more about this diamond grading quality if you are looking for a 1 carat diamond engagement ring that will create an unforgettable impression. The cut of a diamond is about polish, symmetry, and proportions. So, if you choose a well-cut, you will get a diamond that has optimal proportions. Such a diamond will ensure the maximum amount of light enters and reflects back to create a stunning brilliance and spark. Explore Rare Carat and get the top-rated unbiased advice on your diamond engagement ring cut selection from GIA-certified gemologists and advanced AI-controlled quality (and also price) checks.

Decoding “Clarity” diamond grading quality

Once you dig deep into the Rare Carat 4Cs diamond buying guide, you will understand that about 99% of diamonds have certain imperfections. The 2 most common kinds of imperfections that you need to get familiar with first are:

  • Inclusions (internal flaws, for example crystals)
  • Blemishes (internal defects, for example scratches)

The scale on which a diamond’s quality is assessed ranges from Flawless to Included. Even under a 10X magnification, imperfections won’t be visible in a Flawless diamond which are rare and massively expensive. On the other hand, diamonds with imperfections that are visible to the naked eye will be categorized under Included. So, for better clarity in your chosen diamond, choose a higher quality clarity grade.

Decoding “Color” diamond grading quality

The scale for grading the color of a diamond ranges from D (whitest) to K (a faint yellowish). The lesser the yellowish tint, the better the light refraction and reflection will be, resulting in a captivating sparkle. If you choose the color grade correctly with the help of America’s most-favorite ring marketplace, Rare Carat, a 1 carat diamond can even outshine a 4 carat diamond engagement ring in the same other 4 Cs specs.

Decoding “Carat” diamond grading quality

Now for the last one which also happens to be the most familiar diamond quality assessing method. This C diamond quality factor determines the value of the diamond. It is also known as carat weight as it refers to the weight the selected diamond will have (Please Note: 1 carat equals 0.2 grams).

The 4 Cs diamond quality factors and Rare Carat engagement rings

Now that you are familiar with the 4 Cs diamond buying guide, let’s move on to selecting engagement rings as per the 4Cs. With Rare Carat you can rest assured you are getting certified, durable, high-quality, and beautiful diamonds and ring settings. Use Rare Carat’s to get familiar with the 4Cs even more as it will help you to select a diamond (natural/lab grown) engagement ring as per your preferences, requirements, and budget.

A 1 carat diamond is a practical and economical choice. You can only sacrifice on the color and clarity if you are going for a bigger carat. For a 1 carat, color and clarity needs to be optimal to ensure the desired elegance and brilliance are present even if it is only 1 carat.

From round excellent cut to pear very good cut to cushion good cut, all the popular diamond cut types and shapes for your dream engagement ring are available at Rare Carat. You also have the option to choose the ring setting as per your taste and budget.

Rare Carat offers a 90-Day free resizing guarantee and a 30-Day free return policy with 100% money-back guarantee. Thus, choosing a diamond engagement ring in a suitable 4Cs specs becomes a straightforward, safe, and smart process. This is the reason why it has managed to receive a 4.9 out of 5 star rating reviews in both Trustpilot and Google Business Profile.

To Conclude

It is highly recommended that you take your time to completely understand the 4 Cs diamond buying guide with the help of Rare Carat. This will effectively allow you to choose a 1 carat diamond engagement ring that will sweep everyone off their feet as soon as they lay their eyes on it. Hopefully, what you learned today is enough to get the ball rolling. Now, all you have to do is visit today to learn about the 4 Cs diamond quality in more detail.