Discover the Type of School That Works for Your Child

Discover the Type of School That Works for Your Child

When it comes to educating children, there are plenty of methodologies to choose from. This can make the school decision a tough one. With so many options, it can be difficult to know where your child will thrive. Here are some of the top school types to help you get a grasp on what school can be the right one for your family.

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When you’re looking for a private elementary school Arlington MA, check into Waldorf schools. The Waldorf method encourages physical movement and learning until the age of seven. From seven to 14, children begin to focus on emotional development. After 14, intellect is the driver. This type of school focuses on child development to create a curriculum for success.


A traditional public school can be a fantastic opportunity if your family lives in a neighborhood with plenty of other children. Riding the bus with friends and neighbors can be a wonderful way to create a close-knit community right on your street. The curriculum is created to follow the standards set by the government.


The Montessori method is centered on learning through exploration. Hands-on activities are plentiful, and questions are welcome at all times. Children learn math, science, language and other subjects through the lens of play.


Magnet schools are public schools that specialize in technology, the arts or science. It can be difficult to gain entrance into one because some use entrance exams and others use a lottery system. The curriculum is focused on high-level learning. Each school tends to enjoy creating a tight-knit community that encourages students to succeed.

Choosing a school for your child comes down to what’s available in your area and the type of program you think will set your kid up for success. Each one can be an excellent choice depending on the learning style of your student.