What’s the benefit of integrating email marketing with your social channels?

What’s the benefit of integrating email marketing with your social channels

If you didn’t know, email is not yet outdated.

It remains the most effective tactic for marketers.

Howbeit, it does not mean that you should focus all of your marketing efforts on an email campaign and omit social media.

Social media, too, deserves attention.

Instead of debating between email marketing and social media marketing, you need to integrate them.

Yes! Social media and email should go hand in hand. Both of these platforms are just different ways to reach your prospects.

You can shape your overall strategy by combining these two marketing methods.

With advanced technologies, it is pretty simple to launch email campaigns. To find emails of prospects used to be a tedious job earlier.

However, with email lookup tools like GetEmail.io, you can easily find out the correct email format of anyone on this planet. And you need not worry about how to find someones email address.

How to find someones email address with GetEmail.io?

You have to enter the first name, last name, and company domain.

The rest will be taken care of by the tool. Within a fraction of seconds, you will get an accurate email address.

What’s the benefit of integrating email marketing and social media channels?

First, let me give you a simple instance of how social media could be combined with email marketing.

Reportedly, Soni Vaio, while launching their Vaio summer line-up, included the “Pin it” buttons in their promotional emails.

And here’s how these “Pin it” buttons improved their results incredibly.

Surprisingly they received three thousand additional clicks and crossed their revenue by email goal by 172 percent.

Aren’t you wondering about the way these channels are complementing each other?

The two channels – social media and emails, grow each other’s reach by serving different contexts to different segments of your target audience.

Would you like to design a marketing campaign leveraging the strength of these two channels?

Here’s how you can design it.

Invite Your Social Media Followers to Your Email Community

It is a bit tricky to measure the result from social media. And the traffic you get from social media typically has lower engagement and a relatively high bounce rate.

Moreover, you will not have control over your social media handles.

There is a high possibility that Facebook might block your page because you were violating the guidelines one day.

It might crash all your efforts to engage with your followers.

Hence, encourage them to join your email community so that you can stay in touch with them no matter if your business page exists or not.

So collect your fans’ email addresses.

This will infant deepen your relationship with your social media fans because, through email, you can send highly personalized messages.

Building an exclusive social community

Create an invite-only private Facebook group.

As you know, your email subscribers are your most loyal group of audience, and they would be readily joining your private Facebook group.

You need to ensure that the group is spam-free.

Similarly, you may start a group on LinkedIn too.

Enable Social Sharing on Your Emails

Did you ever try to enhance the social reach of your email content?


When you include social share icons in your emails, you will quickly increase your email content exposure.

According to Get Response, social sharing icons in an email boosts the email click-through rate by 158%.

It would be best if you tried this.

Final Thoughts

As seen in this article, integrating email marketing with your social channels will take your relationship with your audiences to the next level.