Hit the Beach: Why Humans Love Water


Practically everyone dreams about a vacation on the beach. Why are humans so hard-wired to return to water? There’s something special about the draw of the ocean. Maybe it’s because water is so necessary to our life. You could probably live for about three to four weeks without food. On the other hand, without water, you’d probably die in three to four days. San Diego boat tours can get you out on the water, away from everyday life and rejuvenate you mentally and physically.

Eating Fish Might Ward Off Depression

Fish are rich in nutrients, omega-3 fatty acids, proteins and minerals that can reduce the risk of depression. Scientists are looking at the association between eating fish and depression. In European studies, people who consumed the most fish had lower rates of depression. The study couldn’t replicate itself when done on other continents, though. Still, there is some indication that eating fish does play a positive role in mental health. When you’re close to the beach, you want to eat fresh caught fish.

Water Sounds Are Soothing

Research also shows that water sounds help you sleep. The sounds of waves sloshing against the sand are non-threatening. A waterfall drowns out sounds that cause stress. You process the sound of rain differently than you would a screaming child or ringing phone. The ripple of water as it flows down the river is almost saying, “don’t worry. Just be in the moment.” Your brain is hard-wired to accept water sounds as calming and peaceful.

Color Impacts Your Mental Health

The shades of the ocean, blues, greens and violets, can affect your mental health in a positive way. Warm colors like yellow, red and oranges are uplifting and energetic, while cool colors are good for promoting calm, relaxation and slowing down. Blue colors encourage creativity and self-expression. Watch a sunset on a San Diego dinner cruise and get all the colors you need to relax and find your inner strength.

Water Induces a Meditative State

Humans have a strange relationship with the water. According to one marine biologist, the water triggers a meditative state that is calm and peaceful. Scientists aren’t exactly sure why people respond positively to water, but most people do. Spending the summer at the beach isn’t just about staying cool, it’s about refreshing your mind and body.

Water Affects All Your Senses

You see the ocean and you’re immediately relaxed. Hear a waterfall and be whisked away to another world where you don’t have stress. Feel the water while you relax in a tranquil pool and get an influx of creative ideas. The smell of water in nature can take you back to your childhood when you were free of responsibilities. Water may have any flavor by itself, but it’s vital to almost everything you taste.

Plan a Water Date

San Diego harbor tours are one way to explore the ocean and connect with the water. You’ll enjoy marine wildlife, whales, seals, sea lions and dolphins, and get a different view of the city. Put down your phone and connect with your companions on the boat. Make plans to take a whaling tour today.