Facial Hair Removal for Women at Home – How to get the best results

Facial Hair Removal

Facial hair removal for women at home is incredibly popular nowadays. Considering how much a laser hair removal or electrolysis would cost, it only makes sense that most females today would rather deal with their unwanted in a cheap and safe manner. The good news is that there are actually lots of methods to perform at home facial hair removal for women.

Facial Hair Removal for Women at Home – Shaving

The first and possible most common method of facial hair removal at home is through shaving. Imagine a guy carefully removing their beard with a razor and this is exactly how it goes. Since women are also prone to moustaches, this is actually the best method of dealing with the problem.

What’s great about shaving however is the fact that the items needed for the task are easily accessible. Even better, razor manufacturers have created blades that are specially made for the use of women. With some shaving cream or sometimes even soap, individuals can easily perform facial hair removal at home.

Facial Hair Removal for Women at Home – Using a Laser Hair Removal Device

Using a laser hair removal device is one of the most popular options when it comes to removing hair from your body. IPL laser devices instruct the hair follicles to stop growing. After a few months of using the device you start noticing a reduction of hair in the area you are targeting.

You can use the device on 99% of body parts, obviously you need to avoid eyebrows and extreme sensitive areas like the male and female genitals.

Facial Hair Removal for Women at Home – Using Tweezers

Tweezers are another popular at home facial hair removal. Unlike shaving, this type of method is usually painful as the hair is plucked one by one. Tweezers are typically used for several rogue hair strands that managed to grow where they aren’t supposed to.

A good example of this would be the eyebrows which need constant maintenance in order to retain its shape. By using tweezers as at home facial hair removal for women, individuals will have the chance to shape their eyebrows more accurately.

Facial Hair Removal for Women at Home – Using Creams

Another at home facial hair removal option is through the use of commercial creams to remove hair. What this product basically does is reduce the growth of hair as well as kill off the ones that already exist. Although not a permanent facial hair removal for women at home, constant use of creams can ensure that women will always get that clear, hair-free complexion.

Keep in mind however that over the counter creams are not always advisable for women with sensitive skin. If possible, try to ask a dermatologist about any products they can recommend for facial hair removal at home. Of course, this method can be more expensive than tweezers, but it is definitely more budget-friendly than a laser hair removal process.

For safety’s sake though, try using the cream on a small part of the skin first before slathering it all over the face. This way, individuals will know if they skin is compatible with the product.

Facial Hair Removal for Women at Home – Waxing

Now waxing is an old-fashioned method of at home facial hair removal. However, there are still various women utilize this method in light of the fact that they are incredibly effective. Basically, waxing is much like tweezers but in a larger scale. The individual places wax on the area of the hair, stick a plaster on the surface and wait for it to cool down.

After that, the plaster or strip is quickly and efficiently removed in the opposite direction of the hair. This pulls out all the strands in one quick, painful motion – leaving behind soft and smooth skin.

Facial Hair Removal for Women at Home – Homemade Cream

This isn’t so much as a cream but rather a homemade type of wax. This method has actually been used long ago by Egyptians to make sure that they get flawless skin every day. This is called “sugaring” where obviously, the main ingredient is sugar. What happens is that the individual combines sugar, lemon juice and water.

These three are combined together to achieve a wax-like consistency which is then applied on the area of concern. What’s great about this system is that women can apply the product regardless of their temperature – something which is not possible when using wax. Other than that, this facial hair removal at home process mimics waxing in every other way.

Note that further on, tweezing hair strands off the face actually becomes more painful. Also, the skin tends to become sore if too much hair is plucked on the area. This is why some women prefer taking painkillers before actually going through them at home facial hair removal routine.

All in all, at home facial hair removal for women is completely possible not to mention successful if females know exactly what they are looking forward to in terms of pain. For those who have low tolerance in pain however, using creams or even laser hair removal would also be a good idea.

For women with abnormal hair growths along the facial area, it would be a good idea to consult a dermatologist about it before personally performing a facial hair removal for women at home.