How Cushion Cut Diamonds Give Us A Piece of Heaven


The physique of the Cushion Cut diamond combines with the gracious contradiction of a flowy but edgy appeal and gentle and fierce attitude making it the ultimately versatile diamond shape option. A cushion cut can make a piece of jewelry look fancy and royal on its own alone without the need for lavish embellishments and adornments. Hence, even with the very simple ring design and setting of choice, the cushion-cut diamond will always shine and sparkle at its brightest. The distinctive form of cushion cut diamonds is a festive and enchanting cutting of square shape with rounded edges and facets. The purpose of the cut is to emphasize the diamond’s brightness and spark.

Where do Cushion Cut Diamonds get their Sparks from?

The cushion cut has wide facets which enable more light to penetrate into the diamond and reflect off its many surfaces, increasing its ability to reflect the light to its edges and cut corners. For those who want glitzy jewelry pieces that sparkle and shine, a cushion cut diamond is a fantastic choice.

The cushion cut is one of the best for refracting and reflecting light. Larger facets in the cut spread light across the diamond’s internal mass producing spectacular bursts of light and glitter. A cushion cut diamond’s exceptional ability to reflect light as a result of these facets makes it a highly sought-after stone for engagement rings and other pricey jewelry. Rare Cart Cushion cut diamonds are guaranteed to have the genuine quality that brings out the best and most important factors to consider in buying diamond jewelry – Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Color. Whichever quality that a cushion-cut diamond has, its ability to refract and create brilliant sparkles is always possible. So you don’t need to worry about selecting the ones that have a higher clarity level or a more transparent color scale.

What else can a Cushion Cut diamond Achieve?

Hence, Cushion cut diamonds never disappoint because their shape is regal since their cut is hard to achieve especially its multiple-oriented facets and edges. So, you would not need to select a ring design that is lavish making you save more money. Even with just a cushion cut diamond as the centrepiece on the ring band, the jewelry will surely stand out. On the other hand, a cushion cut diamond is a less-used shape in common low-quality jewelry items such as gold-plated or vermeil. Thus, if your jewelry has a cushion cut diamond as the centrepiece, it is reputedly and surely gives the impression that it is a real diamond – whether lab grown or natural. Search for the premium Rare Carat Cushion cut diamonds at the company’s website for a customized piece of cushion cut diamond jewelry.

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The cushion cut diamond is a popular option for individuals seeking an engagement ring that is vintage-inspired. Its distinctive shape gives a mysteriously divine aura giving the wearer a luxurious and opulent appeal. This shape goes with any aesthetic, whether for an edgy or bold jewelry personality or a chic and angelic touch to your rings. Entrust only Rare Carat Cushion cut diamonds for a satisfying appearance and durability.

What about the Radiant Cut Diamonds

Another option is the Radiant Cut Diamond. This shape is also another uncommon blissful elegance with a little similar detail compared to the cushion cut diamond. The Radiant cut has more profound edges and sharp corners. Radiant Cut is simply a rectangular-shaped princess-cut diamond that can closely prove its vintage-themed physique. Just like cushion cut and princess cut, the radiant cut diamond doesn’t need lavish or embellished designs to make it look fine and opulent because its facets and edges are enough to give it the heavenly glow and shimmer that a piece of diamond jewelry should produce. Find the best Rare Carat Radiant cut diamonds at the Rare Carat website and personalize the diamond jewelry of your choice through their create-your-own jewelry platform wherein you can select the type of ring setting and design, and you can also modify the Rare Carat Radiant Cut Diamonds’ 4C properties of your preference and budget