The Earrings of Your Desires and Their Perfect Diamond Cut Shapes


For those who want to elevate their facial features with a dazzling and shining piece behind their cheeks, a pair of diamond earrings are the best solution. Earring defines substance and a gleaming effect on the face, may it be the wearer’s attire is simple or formal. Hence, choosing the best diamond earring type and the best diamond shape will influence the desired character of your face as it brings a specific illusion. The different earring types along with the diamond shape it has will greatly change the way your face imposes expression, grace, added, beauty, class, and elegance. Below will guide you towards choosing the perfect earrings along with tips to select and buy diamonds for them.

Stud Earrings

The simplest and most common type of earring that rests comfortably on the earlobe is the stud type. These earrings are appropriate for any occasion because of their wide range of sizes and styles. For stud earrings, the traditional round-cut diamond is a timeless option. A common substitute with a contemporary appearance is the princess-cut diamond. The pear-shaped diamond can offer a touch of refinement to the entire design of you with a distinctive shape. Beyond the simplicity of stud earrings, the diamond can be in a Halo or Bezel set to highlight its shape, especially for the pear-shaped cut. the Cushion cut diamond is a classic and timeless option as it has a regal appeal that is perfect for a Halo setting, adding a royal touch to your facial features. Browse Natural Cushion cut diamonds from top online diamond retailers at the Rare Carat cushion cut page.

Drop Earrings

Drop earrings or dangling earrings with a dropped element that hangs below the earlobe is a classic chic and sophisticated earring design. They come in a variety of designs, such as linear, chandelier, and teardrop shapes. Drop earrings are adaptable and suitable for both professional and informal settings. The emerald cut is the ideal diamond shape for drop earrings with liner or chandelier styles. The pear-cut and round brilliant is perfect for the chandelier and teardrop type of drop earrings. Hence, the chandelier type of drop earrings is perfect with a small princess cut and round cut. The form of drop earrings gives a sleek and upscale appearance because it is naturally embellished.

Hoop and Huggie Earrings

From little, delicate hoops, to larger, more edgy ones, hoop earrings come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are an adaptable item that goes with any attire. The round-cut diamond is the ideal diamond shape for hoops arranged in a linear form. It adds beauty and elegance to the facade of the hoops. Another shape is the emerald shape, for hoop earrings that have a wider width, the emerald cut diamond can take up the whole space of the hoop earring’s facade and be oriented in a lateral layer to make it look magical and divine. Hoop earrings define a trendy, carefree, and sultry outlook to the outfit through their sparkly finish. Browse natural diamonds from top online retailers consolidated on the Rare Carat webpage. you can also select from all the diamond cuts and earring styles and settings for customization or ready-made items.

Huggie earrings, which are clamped tighter than hoop earrings and are closer to stud earrings are an elegant type of earring. It is more conservative but it becomes bulky due to its volume which is larger than the stud. Oval-Cut diamonds are the ideal diamond shape for huggie earring settings. The huggie earrings’ circular form and the oval diamond’s extended shape work together to create an elegant overall masterpiece that shines behind your cheeks. It also gives a narrower illusion to your face shape. Buy diamonds of Oval shapes and hoop earrings at Rare Carat, the Best place to shop diamonds and diamond jewelry pieces.

Cluster Earrings

Cluster earrings are the total majestic version of the stud earrings. Any kind of diamond shape in tiny pieces is perfect to come up with this divine appearance. Cluster earrings can be in any shape like flowers, rose, star, etc. You can make your own diamond earrings only at the best place to shop for diamonds and diamond jewelry online – Rare Carat.

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