How to Choose the Perfect Diamond and Engagement Ring with Rare Carat

Perfect Diamond

The secret is well and truly out when it comes to Rare Carat and its potential for finding the perfect loose diamonds and engagement rings. The company has a great reputation in the industry and media and was featured on Forbes as well. So what is it about this business model that makes it so perfect for modern-day diamond shopping?

Rare Carat Is A Diamond Retailer That Does Things Differently.

The main reason that this is the perfect place to find diamonds and engagement rings right now is that it doesn’t follow a traditional model. When the company was still in its infancy, Forbes ran a profile on its founder and his interesting business model. What stood out back then was a desire to create a new shopping experience for the millennial consumer.

The prospect of shopping for over-priced rings in old-fashioned stores had lost its shine, especially when online comparison shopping was cheaper, more convenient, and potentially allowed for more interesting choices. Rare Carat aims to put buyers back in the driving seat and help them find precisely what they need with transparent customer service.

Comparison Shopping For A Wider Choice In Stunning Diamonds.

The comparison shopping model has become something of a norm for many industries, with people shopping this way for holidays and other major purchases. They can compare deals, create package options, and make sure they get the best deal at their own pace. The idea of translating this into the world of high-end jewelry was bold, but it worked.

The Rare Carat marketplace means the chance to compare a vast range of stones and narrow down options by preference. For example, buyers can start with a specific cut they have in mind, such as a princess or cushion-cut stone. They can then use the sliders to determine clarity ratings, color, carat, and more – all while sticking within their determined price range. The results lead to a series of matched stones, and buyers can pick the most suitable from there.

Additionally, the informative guides mean that consumers can learn about alternative cuts and color options they may not have considered before. This opens up the market in a way that traditional stores can’t, increasing the chance of getting that perfect match.

Transparency Over Quality, Features, And Costs.

This process of matching the stones to customer preferences is where the transparency of Rare Carat really makes an impression. Transparency is lacking in traditional stores where salespeople can oversell products and up-sell experiences to make extra money. There is also the potential that stores will sell mined stones of questionable origin, whereas Rare Carat is upfront about the ethical stones in their collection. Mined stones are conflict-free and there is also the option of lab-grown stones.

At Rare Carat, the team is completely upfront about the qualities and potential flaws in matched stones. Cheaper options may have more inclusions or a stronger color. There could also be slight issues with the geometry. The detailed reports with each stone come direct from expert gemologists and explain every stone in detail.

This helps buyers make a more informed choice and means no nasty surprises when the stone arrives. In fact, customer reviews often talk about how the stone received was exactly as expected because of the communication with the sales team.

Rare Carat’s Modern Approach Has Gone From Strength To Strength.

It has been a while since Rare Carat came onto the scene with this new approach, and the founder was right about what millennial shoppers are after. The marketplace has become a respected source of quality diamonds and retailers for engagement rings. Consumers have found precisely what they needed for their perfect proposal by comparing their options and working with this experienced team. They also got a much better deal in the process.

The reviews for Rare Carat say a lot about the success of this business model and support the idea that this really is the perfect place for diamond shopping. There is a 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot and Google, with many mentioning the quality of the stones, the stunning rings, and the great customer service. What was a bold new approach has become the most logical option for online consumers.