NASDAQ: CCCC -A beneficial and successful investment for C4 Therapeutics


NASDAQ: CCCC at is the stock venture of the Thomson Corporation. Nasdaq stands for “National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations” and CCCC for C4 Therapeutics. This company is registered in the United States, founded in 2016, the company employees a number of workers in its firm. The Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is Mr. Marc A. Cohen, along with Mr. Andrew Hirsch as the president and Dr. Adam Crystal as the Chief Medical Officer. The company has developed a strong investor base, which includes Bain Capital Life Sciences, Cobro Ventures, Commodore Capital, HBM Healthcare Investments, Light chain Capital, Perceptive Advisors, etc.

Prospect and concept of NASDAQ: CCCC:

The business of C4 Therapeutics is predominantly related to Biotechnology and the ticker symbol in CCCC. C4 Therapeutics, widely known as C4T, is committed to transforming the treatment of cancer and other such diseases in the early stage with the help of the natural machinery of cells. It helps them to tackle the disease and give a positive response to the patients.

 C4 Therapeutics focusses on harnessing the body’s natural regulation of protein levels to target and destroy the disease-causing proteins mainly related to the treatment of cancer and other similar diseases. The basic science behind this theory is that the degradation of targeted protein helps to harness the cell’s natural capability to control the protein levels, which in turn would help to remove the known drivers of diseases.

C4 Therapeutics has pioneered in developing TORPEDO (Target Orientated Protein Degrader Optimizer) and analyses quantitative data to modify and speed up the designing of drugs used for treatment. The above technology is to create a new class of small molecular protein degraders that will effectively identify and destroy the proteins in the human body responsible for the disease. It would also include the ones which were previously considered incurable. The data collected is used to understand the behavior of the target protein as well as the degrader protein.

In January’ 2019, C4 Therapeutics along with Roche entered in a strategic collaboration, where C4 Therapeutics will aim at developing degraders which will target a specific set of proteins and Roche will govern over the exclusive rights for worldwide development and commercialization of the products which would fall under the umbrella of the collaboration.

The company has aimed its technology in developing an oral vaccine, with a primary focus on oncology indications. The company aims to submit a report to the US Food and Drug Administration. It shall begin with going forward with the first-in-human phase clinical trial for the products in the first six months of the next year. The NASDAQ: CCCC can be considered as one of the successful investment of Clarivate Analytics. You can check more stocks like NYSE: DWIN.U at before stock trading.

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