Popular Window Styles

Window Styles

Home decor involves a lot of planning. People often walk the length of their home many times over just to decide on how to change the feel of things. However, they often forget about one of the most important parts of a room. People usually consider their home in terms of a floorplan. But the windows add as much joy to a room as the sunshine on a spring day. Some of the most popular types of windows can add a huge amount of personality to anyone’s overall design. In theory, one could go through hundreds of ideas for window design. There are a few designs in particular which are sure to add something special to a room. Why not make your home more eco-friendly, and ask your window supplier what energy efficient windows you can place in each of the below styles.

Sash Windows

The sash window should always get top billing. A sash window has a fixed top and a lower half which slides upwards. A common variant of this design works on a vertical alignment with two movable elements. The main difference comes from space and security. Having a single movable pane ensures a firm fit for anything which needs to fit in that space. This will most often be window-based air conditioners. These types of windows were the successor of something known as a casement.

Casement Windows

Casement windows have a hinge that allows them to work in a similar manner to a door. The downside of this design is that it requires extra space to swing inward or outside. The biggest benefit simply comes down to style. As with many utilitarian designs, the sash window lacks some of the classic style lent by casements.

Bay Windows

Speaking of classical charm, anyone wanting to go further down that path should consider a bay window. Now, this isn’t going to be a good fit for all homes. The bay window is a fantastic choice when it will fit into one’s available space. But one can guess how rare that is by their original intended use. The bay window design first rose to prominence with the aristocracy of England.

The bay window often takes up twice the amount of space as a standard window. And, one usually wants to layer them side by side to give a full panoramic presentation. This works best with circular architectural design as well. This style brings two huge benefits. The first is sunlight. A bay window design ensures that the sun will shine into a room for most of the day. This makes it ideal for people who want to enjoy the sun even when they’re inside. It’s also a favorite for people who like to have indoor plants. The curved design also makes it an impressive sight when viewed from outside. However, there’s another design that might be a better choice if one enjoys a curved presentation.

Bow Windows

The bow window is named after the curved shape of a bow. This style of window more than lives up to the name too. While this design is even more prohibitive based on architecture than the bay window, it offers similar advantages. However, it takes all of these advantages and pushes it up a notch.

Fixed Windows

Finally, the fixed window can serve as a nice compromise for people who can’t use the previous two designs. People often want the decorative flourish of a bow or bay window but can’t modify the exterior of their home to a point where it would work. A fixed window gets around this problem by acting as an extension of the wall. Unlike most windows, it can’t open. But forgoing that functionality means one has greater freedom to choose its shape. This gives people the opportunity to make windows with very specific requirements.