The Most Popular Shapes for 1-Carat Diamonds



You don’t need anyone to tell you that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. They are timeless and they provide an elegant sparkle that cannot be matched. There are different types of diamond shapes and cuts, but the most popular 1ct diamond is round. What follows is a summary of some of the other popular 1-carat diamond shapes.

How big is a 1 carat diamond?

When it comes to diamonds, there is such a thing as too big. A diamond that is larger than 1 carat can actually look cheap instead of sparkling because the piece will appear gaudy. However, a 1ct lab created diamond with the right cut and quality is an impressive gemstone to behold. a 2ct lab grown diamond Is the ultimate in luxury and can be used as a center stone in a wedding ring, necklace or earrings.


The round shape is a classic choice for many people because it can be set into just about any ring design and be worn in any occasion or with different outfits. Round diamonds are by far the most common type sold at jewelry stores and online today. Round diamonds of different sizes, colors, and shapes can be found in nearly any jewelry store.

The round shape is an excellent choice for those people who plan to wear their diamonds in different ring designs and/or settings because it is the most versatile. Many round diamonds are also available as side stones. If you have a center stone already, you will have no problem finding matching round side stones to go with it.


The princess diamond shape is a square-like version of the round. As with the round, this diamond can be set into most ring designs and worn in many occasions because of its versatility. Princess diamonds can also be made of several colors but are most often found in white and yellow gold.

If you want a classic, traditional look, then the princess diamond is an excellent choice. Please note that you may also find this shape called “square emerald” or “square asscher.

Marquise (diamonds with faceted corners)

The marquise is the largest diamond shape. As the name suggests, it is shaped like a short letter M. Sometimes, it is known as the “Danish” (by Americans) or “scallop.”

The marquise diamond is very rare. Therefore, you will only find it on jewelry stores’ websites and speciality shops as an antique piece. The shape is a good choice for women who want something distinct and elegant.

Heart-shaped diamond

This is a variation of the marquise shape. The heart-shaped diamond has a pointed tip. This design makes it unique as they can be cut in this shape. It is also a good choice for someone who wants an unusual shape with lots of sparkles.

Oval diamond (oval gemstones)

There are several types of oval diamonds. The most popular one is the emerald cut, which has rounded ends. This diamond is a good choice for someone who wants an oval-shaped stone with lots of sparkles. The elongated shape of an oval diamond makes it a good choice for those who want their ring to be a little longer than others.

Pear Cut.

This diamond is also elongated but has a pointed end at the bottom. This design makes it look like a pear. The pear shaped diamond is a good choice for those who want something a little more vintage and subtle than an oval-shaped diamond.

Cushion Cut

If you want a diamond of the same elongated shape, then you can opt for the cushion cut. The cushion diamond is a little rounded and has rounded edges. The cushion diamond is a good choice if you are looking for something between an oval and a pear shape.

Radiant Cut

The radiant cut is the most popular shape of square diamonds. The shape is similar to a round diamond and it has four pointed edges. The radiant-shaped diamond is perfect for those who want something that looks like an oval but with sharp edges. This diamond also has many sparkles and will look fantastic on a ring or as a pendant.

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