VVS Diamonds and Custom Jewelry: Crafting Unique Pieces of Luxury

Custom Jewelry

When it comes to selecting a diamond, clarity should be among the most important details to consider. To attain the best quality, it is wise to look for diamonds with a top clarity ranking — VVS rating. For those on the pursuit of pristine gems without sacrificing value, they need not zook past Rare Carat.

America’s leading source of trade free guidance for remarkable engagement rings, Rare Carat goes above and beyond expectations in providing its customers with exclusive access to over 1 million naturally sourced and lab crafted diamonds from trusted retailers.

This guarantee of both a huge selection and comprehensiveness is demonstrated in their incomparable 4/5 ratings hailing from both Google business profile and Trustpilot reviews. With these tenured customer ratings, Rare Carat continues to swing away the competition; creating their own standard of luxury diamond shopping.

Delving Deeper: Diamond Clarity Unveiled

Rare Carat offers customers a truly unique and once in a lifetime experience when selecting the diamond of their dreams. To understand this experience you must first be able to distinguish and appreciate one clarity grade from another. At the top of the clarity grades sits, VVS, or “Very Very Slightly Included” diamonds. These near perfect diamonds have inclusions that an expert gemologist finds hard to detect even under 10x magnification.

The diamond clarity chart provided on Rare Carat’s education page details all these intricate differences, providing you with all the necessary knowledge when deciding what your ideal diamond is. This comprehensive information provides both insight and enough depth that not only gains esteemed appreciation but assist buyers in selecting trustworthy suppliers as well.

The Shape of Excellence

When considering a diamond, the intricacies of it go beyond purity and clarity. The diamond shapes can subtly or drastically influence its look, and how desirable it is overall. Navigating that landscape can be a daunting task for those not familiar with diamonds. But recognizing that makes it possible to discern different nuances and appeal between shapes. Luckily, information is plentiful on this topic, with numerous ideas and resources you can review. Rare Carat is an excellent option among them, offering a comprehensive overview on diamond cuts and styles helpful to anyone just beginning their journey into gemology.

Diamonds come in many dazzling shapes (https://www.rarecarat.com/education/diamonds-guide/diamond-shapes)  (Nacked URL), from the classic round cut to the modern cushion cut. Each gorgeous shape resonates with an individual’s unique style and personality. When used as a centerpiece for fashion, wedding rings, or other pieces of jewellery, diamonds display a statement of their own–a reflection of the wearer’s boundless taste and beauty. Whether a daring diamond emerging from the depths of yellow gold or a shimmering solitaire cascading across white gold, they all scream individual oomph!

The Rare Carat Advantage

Rare Carat provides users with a one of a kind experience. Through their comprehensive guide to pricing, cuts and clarity customers have the necessary tools to make informed decisions. Rare Carat highlights any potential price differences between similarly graded diamonds that will help them find what works best for them. They also provide experienced professionals that can help answer questions outside of the online support readily available to their customers.

In addition to what they offer online, Rare Carat offers some added benefits too. Overall competitive prices and diamond quality enables customers to get great value for their money, all while comprising of trained and certified gemologists that guarantee the highest quality in their products and specialized customer care meant to please even the pickiest buyers.


Out of the sea of services, Rare Carat steps forward as a torch bearer, bringing robust reliability and incomparable artisanship. Crafting more than just exquisite VVS diamonds – each stone unique in its own way – they differentiate themselves by accruing knowledge from all corners of Ruby’s rainbow. By investing with this brand you are not only adorning your personal looks, but obtaining guaranteed ease and satisfaction that weaves confidence – timelessly – into intricately measured harmony between your closet vogue and economic future.

 Rare Carat promises faithful steadfastness unwavering product standards that add charm to the diamond clarity chart year on year. Excellence comes no easier as more eminence flows from cultivating awareness that birthed eternal growth within. Partnered with Rare Carat bodes dearly argued luxury at high market value for anyone wanting authenticity right alongside opulence. Reeking its aura from equity to elegance, inducting their plan brings a one time present opportunity positively evergreen into inevitable financial maturity yonder up any alleyway straight from haute couture!