Rare Carat Customizable Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Diamonds have long been revered for their beauty, durability, and opulence. As a symbol of wealth, love, and commitment, a diamond is the premier gem of choice for wedding and engagement rings. Whether you are preparing to pop the question or getting everything ready for your nuptials, Rare Carat diamonds is at your service! We offer several customizable options, or choose from 725 beautiful engagement ring settings! Rare Carat diamonds are available in two forms and a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Are you in the market for stunning sophistication? A Rare Carat radiant cut diamond may be just the right gem! Perhaps you are looking for classic elegance? Look no further than a Rare Carat cushion cut diamond! Rare Carat cushion cut diamonds and Diamonds with a rare Carat radiant cut are, should we say, a cut above. This is so that we can provide you with the greatest diamond at the best price to meet your diamond needs. Rare Carat diamonds have already been specially sourced.

Want to know the latest diamond jewelry trends? Find that and more in our diamond education. Not only do we offer 4C’s diamond education, to help you choose just the right color, cut, and clarity to meet your needs, but we also offer free gemologist checks on GIA-certified diamonds. With Rare Carat diamonds you just can’t possibly go wrong! As a leader in the online diamond industry Rare Carat diamonds customization tools offer interactive design features that put you in the driver’s seat from start to finish throughout your purchase experience! If you so desire you can customize your stunning Rare Carat cushion cut diamond or Rare Carat radiant cut diamond jewelry for yourself or that special someone!

With a Rare Carat diamond, you’re always guaranteed luxury. The excellence and exclusivity of the Rare Carat experience is unparalleled. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out our excellent reviews on Google Business Profile as well as on Trustpilot! As America’s #1 source for unbiased advice on your diamond engagement ring selection, you can rest assured that this monumental, life changing purchase will be flawless and as stress free as possible! Our live chat experts are courteous, professional, and always ready to assist you. Experience the Rare Carat diamond difference!

One of the most popular cuts is the cushion cut, a unique cut that features next-level sparkle and brilliance! This particular cut has 58 dazzling facets creating added refraction of light for a more stunning rainbow effect, than other cuts. Cushion cut diamonds are highly sought after for their classic elegance and fiery brilliance! Rare Carat cushion cut diamonds are available as natural or lab grown gems. Use our customization tools to create the perfect ring of her dreams!

The radiant cut diamond is also an excellent choice for several reasons. It offers stunning brilliance and a radiant rainbow effect much like the coveted cushion cut. The main difference between the radiant cut and the cushion cut is the edges. A cushion cut is more rounded and classical, while a radiant cut is more square. A radiant cut diamond is a perfect choice when you want the brilliance and elegance of a cushion cut coupled with the sophistication of a square cut, but with softer edges. Rare Carat radiant cut diamonds are available as natural or lab grown gems and will pair up beautifully with any one of our high quality settings!

Let’s talk about customization. When purchasing a Rare Carat diamond, you have several customizable options. Choose from three different hues of gold, seven beautiful setting styles, and ten exquisite diamond cut shapes. Platinum is also available as a metal choice. Choose the color, cut and clarity of your diamond. We will never try to upsell you in this process. Rare Carat is your unbiased partner every step of the way! And remember, you can consult with one of our certified gemologists at any point as you move through the selection and creation of your perfect ring.

Our highly detailed, free full report, praised by Forbes as “revolutionary”, will be made available to you before you check out. You always shop with comfort and confidence when you buy your diamonds from Rare Carat