A Glamorous History: 5-Carat Lab-Created Diamonds in Hollywood

Lab-Created Diamonds

Rare Carat 5ct diamonds are a great choice for anyone looking to make a statement fit for the red carpet. In recent years, there has been a shift from the classic 5-ct mined stones to bold and colorful lab-grown diamonds. Rare Carat 2ct and 1ct stones still have their charm, especially as halos and secondary stones, but there is something special about a 5ct model. As more stars showcase these contemporary stones on the red carpet, everyday consumers can easily follow their lead.

Why Are 5-Carat Diamonds So Popular?

5-carat is a popular choice because of the size and weight of the stone. It is far more common for buyers to go for Rare Carat 1ct and 2ct stones because of their practical size and affordability. However, the right 5-ct stone is a bold symbol of wealth and devotion. In the right cut, it can still look flattering as a stone on an engagement ring. Alternatively, these larger pieces work as statement pendants. 5-carats is also a great size for accentuating certain cuts and appreciating different properties. For example, the modern trend for colored diamonds works perfectly in these extravagant stones, especially with elegant and powerful cuts like princess and emerald cuts.

Making A Statement On The Red Carpet.

The bigger the diamond and the better the cut, the more people will see you as a successful star. Rare Carat 5ct stones are bold without becoming obscene. For a long time, this meant flawless and colorless stones with the brilliance and symmetry to sparkle under the flashbulb of the press cameras. Round brilliant diamonds and radiant cuts were the way to go.

In the golden era, Elizabeth Taylor wore a 5-carat Asscher-cut diamond engagement ring that is still aspirational today. More recently, Katy Perry had a 5-carat pink oval diamond perfect for a pop princess. Today, 5-carat stones can make a statement in a whole new way.

Making An Even Bigger Statement With Lab-Grown Diamonds.

In the past, all of those impressive 5-carat stones in Hollywood were mined stones from the very best companies around the world. However, celebrities are increasingly conscious of what it means to buy into this industry. They would much rather champion home-grown diamonds from a sustainable source. This allows them to be trendsetters in new ways as they show off impressive contemporary designs with lab-grown stones.

Furthermore, the short timeframe from growing a stone to cutting and setting offers whole new opportunities for celebrities and their stylists. They can order diamonds based on specific specifications, have the labs treat them for vibrant color, cut them into the perfect shape, and have them ready for a red carpet event. This freedom of expression found in Rare Carat 5ct stones isn’t available with mined stones.

Finding The Best Rare Carat 5ct Diamonds.

While these stunning 5-carat stones are perfect for these Hollywood stars flaunting their style and wealth, they are not exclusive to the rich and famous. It is possible to find these larger stones online with Rare Carat and to do so at a fraction of the cost. This is because Rare Carat uses a wholesaler system and broad marketplace to bring consumers the best possible deals and options. The best place to start is by opting for lab-grown diamonds over mined stones and adjusting the carat to 5-carat.

From there, it is easy for users to find stones that fit their pre-determined budgetary requirements. This may mean lowering the grade on the clarity and color to lower the price. However, a VS1 stone with minor inclusions still looks great to the naked eye with the right cut. There is a massive range of cuts available to emulate the look of those classic Hollywood stones, such as the brilliant round and radiant cut diamonds.

Anyone buying Rare Carat 5ct stones is assured quality and full transparency when choosing their diamonds. Every matched stone comes with a detailed report on the precise features and ratings. This means there are no surprises, and buyers get precisely what they expect with their final choice. This service is why Rare Carat has a 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot and is so well respected.

The Future Of Lab-grown Diamonds in Hollywood.

Trends will come and go with diamond shapes and sizes, including Rare Carat 5ct stones. Eventually, Hollywood stars will go bigger or smaller to make a statement. What’s certain, however, is that the love of lab-grown diamonds won’t fade. Mined stones are out for good, and these stunning bespoke stones are the future.