Round-Cut Diamonds: Affordable Luxury For Modern Consumers

Round-Cut Diamonds

Formed over 3 billion years ago deep within the Earth’s crust, diamonds have long been highly valued for their beauty, resilience, and sentimental value. The round-cut shape emphasizes its brilliance, making it a symbol of commitment. When buying this gemstone, the person invests in their future, which is why making the best decision possible is essential.

With over a thousand retailers in the US alone, it can be hard to find the perfect one. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution – the wide collection of Rare Carat round-cut diamonds and Rare Carat oval-cut variations composed by analyzing over a million gemstones at trusted retailers. The Rare Carat team is made up of GIA-trained graduate gemologists with tens of thousands of diamond reviews under their belt, ensuring that everyone receives the best value for their money.

Affordable & Luxurious? No Problem!

Online sales of diamond jewelry jumped almost 10% in just a couple of years, and in 2021, they made up 25% of all diamond purchases. Rare Carat offers more advanced search mechanisms than any other website. Customers have dozens of filters at their disposal, including carat size, clarity, quality checks, and, most importantly, price scores. This is true for Rare Carat round-cut stones as well as other styles. For example, 0.18-0.21 carat round-cut diamonds marked with the “great price” tag are more than half as cheap as the market average.

Customers that have a lower budget but want to retain optimal brilliance should opt for a Rare Carat oval-cut diamond. While these still belong to the brilliant-cut style, they have 58 facets – the same as all Rare Carat round-cut diamonds – but feature the infamous bow-tie effect. This refers to a dark area around the center of the stone where light is not reflected, caused by its elongated facets. The higher the quality of the oval cut, the less prominent this effect will be, and it can even amplify the stone’s beauty.

The Vintage Brilliance

When a timeless classic is preferred, the Rare Carat cushion-cut diamonds come into play. Dating back to the 1700s, this unique style evolved from the Old Mine cut. However, the years didn’t negatively impact its popularity; in fact, the cushion cut is among the top 5 most popular shapes in the US, alongside the Rare Carat round-cut shapes. Like the round and oval cuts, cushion cut diamonds come with 58 facets. Due to their various length-to-width ratios, they provide a lot more versatility. A cushion cut tends to provide more fire at the cost of shininess. Best of all, it’s a lot cheaper than the round cut.

As a result of their ageless style, cushion-cut diamonds are often chosen for engagement rings. Rare Carat recognizes the importance of this purchase, which is why customers receive the best price-to-quality deals generated by an unbiased AI. When the help of a machine is not sufficient, customers can contact human expert GIA gemologists, who will provide guidelines for one of the most important choices.

Top-Notch Quality

There’s no better indicator of a diamond’s quality than the 4Cs: carat, color, cut, and clarity. The carats refer to the gemstone’s weight as opposed to its actual size. However, due to the symmetry of round diamonds, carats are usually true to their actual size. Colors are determined on a scale of D-K, with D being the whitest and K having a yellowish hue. The prices increase with the whiteness, making G-H an ideal tradeoff between color and cost. Cut is the determining factor of diamond quality, and anything less than Rare Carat Ideal is a huge downgrade. Finally, clarity represents the level of imperfection from flawless to included.

Trying to save as much money as possible is understandable, but there are certain areas where this should be avoided while opting for a diamond. Lower-quality cuts can result in jagged edges, less symmetry, and reduced brilliance/color dispersion. Rare Carat has built-in recommendations for the best possible cut at affordable prices. A flawless diamond with fewer carats is much more impressive than a large, irregular stone.

Before settling on a diamond, it’s best to chat with an experienced professional at Rare Carat. Once finalized, each diamond undergoes an authenticity verification and the customers receive a lifetime warranty