Asscher-Cut Diamonds and Artistic Inspiration


Diamonds are not just for women but even men of different ages are now wearing these precious stones, especially diamond rings. Men are also attracted and enticed to use and wear these precious stones for them to look elegant and taste the feeling of a well-known artist or big personality in the business. With diamond’s artistic styles and latest designs that are now in trend like its cut and clarity, many people are now getting inspired of wearing these diamond rings to show to others the beauty and brilliance they bring. This article is all about Asscher-cut diamonds and their artistic inspiration and also features the top online diamond industry named Rare Carat.

Asscher-Cut Diamonds and Artistic Inspiration

What are Asscher-Cut Diamonds?

The name Asscher-cut originated from a person named Joseph Asscher who was a master diamond cutter and discovered the beauty and brilliance of this diamond stone. He was given a task by the King of England during the early 20th century to cut the largest colorless diamond stone that was found. Having a classical beauty, the Asscher cut is also best for having step-cut facets rather than the common brilliant-cut facets found in most round diamonds. They have uber-cool angled corners which make these cut diamonds look more octagonal in shape. If you have doubts and unanswered questions in your mind about having the best diamonds, their live customer agents are always ready and are just waiting to cater to all your needs. You can chat with them 24/7 as they offer exceptional service to every customer in a professional way. To learn more about the history and beauty of Asscher-cut, Search for best deals at Rare Carat’s website.

The Best Features of Asscher-Cut

Asscher-cut is the best for you if you are looking for a classic that will never run its beauty and brilliance at all times or its sophisticated look. The most popular shape among Asscher diamond cuts is the square shape because they allow their inner lights to move through each facet and these effects will cause reflection that their lights make your eyes shine. Each facet is well-arranged like in an octagonal pattern that will amplify its brilliance and diamond color. These special cut of a diamond is more expensive compared with other square-cut diamonds since they are rarer than other cuts. Search for the best deals on these Asscher-cut diamonds at Rare Carat’s website at for you to learn more about the best diamond rings. You can also learn more about their informative blogs and articles posted on their website that aim to help every diamond user and lover not settle for less but to have the perfect and right diamond ring for you. You can gain more knowledge and increase your awareness about those 4 C’s factors like cut, color, carat weight, and clarity grade if you read and understand their buying charts and guide.

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