Cushion-Cut Diamonds in Film and Television

Cushion-Cut Diamonds

Cushion-cut diamonds are fast-catching up with the traditional princess and round cut shapes and have become the number one choice for engagement rings. Buyers looking for high-quality cushion-cut diamonds at reasonable prices can shop at Rare Carat.

Different types of diamond cuts have been popular with celebrities and it could be seen in both film and television as well. Cushion-cut diamonds are one of the big favorites among many celebrities at the moment. So, look for a reputable seller that offers some of the best cushion cuts and buy online.

Cushion-cut diamonds and celebrities

While one may find great deals for lab grown diamonds from a reliable seller, the craze for cushion cuts never goes out of fashion. Choosing an engagement ring is extremely personal and so is the shape of the diamond. For a more classic style, cushion-cut diamonds are favored by many people.

And, celebrities are not an exception. The cushion cuts beautifully blend a round cut while adding a classic facet pattern that results in a vintage flair. No wonder, this diamond cut is seen on many celeb’s fingers that include Meghan Markle, Leighton Meester, and Kim Kardashian West. Shop at Rare Carat to find the best collection of cushion-cut diamonds at unbelievable prices.

Cushion-cut diamonds in films and television

Some of the memorable scenes in films and television took place when characters got down on their knees to say those magical words. As the camera flashes, the ring sparkles in high definition good enough to grab the attention of the audience. For people who are preparing to walk down the aisle and planning for the best diamond cut to buy online, below listed are some of the best engagement rings with cushion cuts in the film and television world.

1. Bride Wars

No denying, an individual will always find great deals for lab grown diamonds, but cushion cuts have a special place and it is evident in Bride Wars. Soon after finding the Tiffany Box in the apartment, Kate Hudson (Liv) rushes to Steve Howey’s (Daniel’s) office to inquire if he will marry her. Replying to her query, he said that he never met such a smart, overbearing, complicated, obnoxious, and sexy woman like her. Next, he takes out a 5-carat cushion cut engagement ring and pops out the question while his co-workers look at them anxiously.

2. The Great Gatsby

Carey Mulligan (Daisy Buchanan) appears to wear a cushion-cut engagement halo ring. This platinum ring has an estimated worth of around 3.9 million dollars. Moreover, a French-set matching wedding band improves the sparkle. With a unique, Art Deco-inspired setting, Carey’s ring is considered modern at that time. Also, you can see the custom signet ring that Leonardo DiCaprio (Jay Gatsby) wears throughout the film. The ring has Daisy etched in the stone’s center which symbolizes undying love.

3. Sweet Home Alabama

Reese Witherspoon seems to get engagement rings in many movies. However, the most iconic and memorable proposal that she received was in Sweet Home Alabama. She played the character name Melanie Smoother and she received a proposal from her boyfriend played by Patrick Dempsey (character name Andrew). The venue was at Tiffany & Co, 5th Avenue where the scene took place. The store is staffed fully and she got to experience luxury, private shopping to find her favorite ring. She chooses a platinum setting with a cushion-cut diamond.

4. Legally Blonde 2

The fascination with pink stone is evident in Reese Witherspoon, character name Elle Woods in Legally Blonde 2. As it appears, Reese is obsessed with pink, and why not. That’s because it is her signature color. The best part is that her fiancé Luke Wilson (character name Emmet) picks up an engagement ring that represents her. It’s a whopping 5-carat cushion-cut pink sapphire set in platinum.


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