Figuring out whether you need a Single or Double Drop Down Ladder Rack for your vehicle!


If you are looking to upgrade your vehicle and turn it into a travelling workshop, then a ladder rack is just the solution for you. Nowadays the choices are almost infinite. Ladder racks come in a variety of When is the right time to replace your ladder rack materials, the mains being aluminum and steel. They also come in different styles, dimensions and features. One of the main distinctions anyone has to make before pursuing a purchase though, is deciding whether a single drop down ladder rack is appropriate or a double drop down ladder rack is a better solution for you vehicle. Here are some advantages and features of both options to help you make a more informed decision on the matter.

Single drop down ladder racks

The single drop down ladder rack is quite an easy equipment to mount on any vehicle roof top, or horizontal surface. Sometimes you can find universal models that can fit on any van, truck or pick up truck. This ladder rack does not increase the weight of the vehicle, therefore helping it maintain its normal speed and daily fuel consumption. In addition, the single drop down ladder rack is flexible and easy to use. Some models out there are very simple to install as well, and do not require the vehicle to be drilled at any point. They allow for smooth sliding of the ladder to the ground as well as secure transportation of the ladder from one point to another. In terms of durability, their features have been proven to be of high quality and require little to no maintenance over time.

Their job is self explanatory. They are able to carry one ladder at a time, from one place to another, keeping it in place through a secure holding system. They also provide easy loading and unloading of the ladder on site when it is needed, making it easy for the operator to use. Therefore, increasing their daily performance.

Double drop down ladder racks

The double drop down ladder rack is probably slightly bigger and heavier than the single drop down ladder rack. Its function however compensates for the extra strain that it causes to your vehicle. With this type of ladder rack you can bring two ladders on board simultaneously. This type of equipment allows not only safe and secure transportation of two ladders, but also the same level of flexibility and smoothness as the single drop down ladder rack, when you slide the ladders to the ground. In terms of installation time, both models are the same. All this ladder rack needs is a horizontal space on top of the vehicle.

All in all, whether you need a single or double ladder rack for your vehicle depends mainly on the job you have to do on a daily basis. If you usually only need one ladder, then a single drop down ladder rack might be a better solution, since it does not cause extra and unnecessary strain to the vehicle. If you always need to transport two ladder on board, then the double drop down ladder rack is perfect for you.