Reasons to continue the tradition of wearing chef coats

wearing chef coats

While going to a restaurant, especially the high-end ones, usually one thing comes in mind; a chef with a traditional white uniform, long chef cap along with those baggy chef pants, cooking, and serving the dishes around. This imagination of yours is exactly the traditional chef uniform that everyone has in mind.

Traditional chef uniform consists of-

  1. A toque Blanche (white cap)
  2. A white coat/jacket
  3. A baggy pant

Even today, this is the common uniform for chefs in commercial kitchens all across the world. Traditional commercial kitchens require chefs to wear this uniform.

History of the chef uniform

The attire is known to have begun in 1822, though it became popular 50 years later. The chef’s uniform has been modified over many generations, but many chefs still wear the same 1800’s uniform in order to give themselves a more professional and dignified look, thus continuing the centuries-old tradition.

Chef uniform today includes a number of things ranging from the classic chef coats, chef jackets, aprons, chef pants, chef hats, and other chef accessories, which you can easily get from top online sellers.

  • Chef coats

Amongst all, the chef coat is one of the most important pieces of a chef’s uniform. In many restaurants across the world, especially in traditional ones, it is necessary for chefs to wear chef coats.

These chef coats are easily available across many online sellers. All you need is to find some genuine, trusted online seller, and you can browse from among numerous options to find the chef coat you like.

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Why is it important for chefs to wear chef coats?

In modern times, many chefs consider the idea of wearing chef coats as outdated. However, there are several reasons to wear them. So before overlooking the idea of wearing it, look at the advantages of wearing chef coats-

1. It is a symbol of professionalism among chefs. It gives a professional look. It shows that the chef is serious about his career and respect for the work he has chosen.

2. The chef coat provides safety against the cuts and burns. It is made up of thick cotton fabric that prevents any sharp tool or any accidental hot spill from damaging the skin.

3. In some chef coats, the sleeves are long to prevent the hands from burns and cuts; in some sleeves are short so that they are away from the kitchen sharp tools and fire.

4. These coats are also fire resistant to some extent, so in case there is an accidental fire, it doesn’t catch fire easily.

5. Chef coats are double-breasted and reversible. Apart from the protection it provides, if one side gets stained or spoiled, you can reverse it to the other side immediately.

6. The button of the chef coats are made of fabric and are also knotted so that they do not chip off easily.

How to choose the right chef coat?

1. Before buying, do check the fabric. It should be a high-quality cotton fabric that has the appropriate required thickness to prevent any burns and hot spills.

2. Do look for the fitting. Get the right sized chef coat because an ill-fitted coat will take away the professional look and might come in between conducting their practice. There are different chef coats available for men and women. There are also unisex chef coats available.

3. It is also important that you look for a trusted or reputed manufacturer of chef uniforms. You can find chef coats at so that any problem with the purchase can be handled flexibly and easily.

4. If possible, get an extra coat as cooking is quite a spoiling work, and your coat will get stained easily, and while giving it for laundry or doing it yourself, it might take time to be cleaned and dry out since the fabric is thick.

 Caring instruction

Do give the chef coat for regular laundry cleaning. If the coat gets stained, try to clean the stain on it right away; otherwise, it may become difficult to remove due to its fabric thickness.


The chef coat denotes professionalism in the chefs. It reflects the pride and esteem that chefs take in their profession and the food they prepare. It also provides safety and protection against any kitchen hazards. These are more than sufficient arguments to invest in them.

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